You can transfer money from the post office. Money can be received in the post office or you can choose address delivery.

Money transfers: benefits

Low tariffs

For example, transfer of 1000 UAH from post office to address costs 60 UAH

Security and reliability

We deliver cash only personally to the receiver

The largest network in Ukraine

You can send and receive money in every post office out of 8 000

Address delivery

We deliver cash to the address. SMS notification for sender included

What is the limit?

You can transfer any sum. We accept money transfer in the national currency only (UAH)

Money transfers

Address transfer

From 3 to 7 working days Available in every post office Sending: in the post office Delivery: countrywide to every address

Find post office


How to send

Express transfer

Up to 1 working day Available in automatized post offices Sending: in the post office Delivery: in the post office only

Find post office (put a ✔ opposite the money transfer service)


How to send

Ukrposhta accept and deliver COD (cash on delivery) — popular among entrepreneurs who send their goods by post. We also deliver money transfers to the post office if needed (poste restante).

If you send 5 and more money transfers, group transfer service is recommended to save time.

More information

You may receive or send address order within Ukraine at any Ukrposhta office — find the post office.

You may receive or send express order within Ukraine only at automated Ukrposhta office — find the post office.

If you don’t know the exact address of the recipient, you can send the order to be called for to the certain Ukrposhta office where the recipient will pick up the order conveniently. The sender shall inform the recipient of the number of the post office the order was sent to.

If you buy good from a private entrepreneur or via on-line store with Ukrposhta delivery, ask the seller to pay for the good after its delivery.In this case, first, you receive the good and then pay for it. Money can be sent in cash to the seller’s home address or transferred to a bank account.

Service Terms of Service
SMS-notification for receiver Extras are not paid. Specify mobile number when sending money.
Written notification for receiver Free. You can add text message to the transfer (up to 10 words) — congratulations or reminder.
SMS-notification for sender about delivery Extras are not paid. Specify your mobile number when sending money.
Notification to the sender of the transfer delivery (recommended)
(confirmation document will be sent on senders address)
30,00 UAH (excluding tax).
Choose if you need official confirmation (alimony, debt payment etc).

If it is impossible to pay to the recipient, the transfer is stored in the department for a month from the day of receipt. According to the written application of the sender / addressee, the period may be extended up to two months from the date of receipt (for an additional fee) of the mail order within Ukraine.

More information you can get in the contact center of Ukrposhta

Call 0 800 300 545 (free in Ukraine)