Transfer “From card to home”

Transfer “From card to home” is a unique transfer delivery service, a convenient way to take care of your family and friends.

You transfer funds from the card, we deliver cash directly to the recipient.

  • Convenient sending — in order to send funds you need only a credit card, smartphone or computer with an Internet connection.
  • The price includes an SMS / Viber message to the recipient (if the transfer is delivered to your home address) or to the sender (if the transfer is paid at the branch office).

Benefits of “From card to home” transfers

  • Service on the Ukrposhta website is available 24/7
  • Delivery to all localities of Ukraine
  • Cash payments at the branch office or at address
  • Available tariffs


The cost of transferring cash home (address transfer) is 60 UAH.

The cost of transferring cash to an automated branch (urgent transfer) is 40 UAH.

Term of the delivery

Term of postal transfer forwarding:

  • in an automated branch office — 15 minutes;
  • to home address — up to 2 days.

How to order

  1. Go to the “From card to home” page, select the type of transfer, fill in all required fields, check the entered data.
  2. Enter the details of the payment card (number, expiration date, CVV2 / CVC2) and the email address to which the receipt will be sent, check the data, click the “Pay” button. Enter the one-time password from the SMS to confirm the operation.
  3. Wait for the resulting page, save the receipt of the postal transfer sending (the “Save” button). To send funds again, perform another transfer.

    If you sent a transfer with cash delivery home, we would send the recipient an SMS / Viber message with the details of the transfer and the contact number of the branch office in which the funds were received. If the transfer is sent to the branch office, an SMS / Viber message will be sent to the sender.

    Please, note! Sending an urgent transfer to a branch, the sender must personally inform the recipient the control number and the amount of transfer. Such a transfer can be picked up in any automated branch of Ukrposhta.

In partnership with, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, VISA, MasterCard.

More information — in the contact center of Ukrposhta.

Call 0 800 300 545 (free in Ukraine).