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Receive shipments from abroad at the nearest Ukrposhta office.

Special offer — up to 75% reduced tariffs for EMS items up to 20 kg from Poland to Ukraine.

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Advantages of delivery from abroad by “Ukrposhta”

Free-of-charge customs clearance

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Convenient receipt of parcels

in any of >11,000 post offices

How to track and receive shipments from abroad?

To pick up an international postal item, you will need to present an ID (a passport, a driver’s license, other document).

Shipping method Tracking number example Special features Arrival notice
Tracked, up to 5 kg RA123456789US Tracking number starts with R SMS
Tracked, up to 30 kg EB996127291FR
Tracking number starts with E
Tracking number starts with C
Tracked, insured VA123456789US Tracking number starts with V
Partially tracked (arrival to the post office tracking status) SA123456789US Tracking number starts with S
Untracked UU123456789US Tracking number starts with U The sender selected shipping service without tracking and without arrival notification. Contact to the post office, servicing your shipping address. To receive item, please indicate to the postal operator shipping address of the receiver

Where will the postal item from abroad be delivered?

We will deliver your international shipment to any post office of Ukrposhta near you. When ordering form online store or forwarding your shipping address to sender, please indicate full information about the receiver: name and surname, country, region, city or town, street address, building and post code. Receive your time at convenient time at the post office, related to the mentioned address or receive item from postman.

Find your post code and post office number

Example of customs payments for goods over €150

Phone for €170
Customs: (170 − 150) × 10% = €2
VAT: ((170 − 150) + 2) × 20% = €4,4
Total for payment: 2 + 4,4 = €6,4 (at the rate of the National Bank on the day of payment)

Template application for revision of customs payments
Sample application for revision of customs payments

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