Letters and post cards

From 3 days between regional centers


Ukrposhta delivers letters and postcards in Ukraine and around the world.

A letter is a postal item of up to 2 kg enclosing a written message or documents and sent in an envelope.

Letter sizes:

  • maximum: 600 mm in one dimension (the sum of length, width and thickness should not exceed 900 mm)
  • for rolled pipe (rolls) — 700 mm in length and 150 mm in diameter.

A postcard is an open written message on a standard letterhead (postcard), popular among postcrossing fans - postcard exchange.

Postcard sizes:

  • maximum: 120 × 235 mm;
  • minimum: 90 × 140 mm.

You can buy envelopes, postcards and stamps at your local post office or online at the postal market.

Kinds of letters and postcards

Regular letter postcard

It is sent in a regular order and does not have a track number. How to order: put the envelope/postcard with the relevant postage stamps in the mailbox or give it to post office employee. We deliver regular letters to the specified address, and the postman leaves an envelope in the mailbox (or in the subscription box in the post office).

Registered letter/postcard

It has a tracking number. How to order: give the letter to post office employee, make a payment and receive a payment document (check), which contains the track number of the item. You can track the letter on Ukrposhta website, in a mobile application or via chat bot in Messenger, Viber and Telegram. We deliver registered letters personally to the addressee or by letter of attorney (delivery to the specified address or to the post office).

Additional features and benefits

SMS and Viber notifications
Registered message (form 119)
Delivery by postman


A postage stamp is a postage stamp that is affixed to an envelope or postcard; a miniature artistic publication that includes an image, letter value and the name of the country of origin.
There are two types:

  • standard stamps are the most common type of stamps for everyday use, issued in mass quantities and covering denominations sufficient to cover all postal tariffs;
  • artistic stamps – various stamps with unique images, symbols and themes reflecting the history and present of Ukraine, dedicated to prominent figures, reproducing architectural monuments, exhibits of museums and galleries, fauna and flora of the country, etc., i.e., in addition to material evidence of payment for postal services, they also perform a commemorative function and are especially valuable for philatelists.

An e-stamp (digital) is a postage stamp in the form of a graphic image that contains information about the item: the date of its creation, the recipients index, the number (SCI) and weight.

How to use an e-stamp?

The electronic stamp can be used only for domestic items of the "Registered letter" type, which can be created in the Ukrposhta personal account.


Make an online order in a few steps

Create a list of items "Registered letter (electronic stamps)"
Add a registered letter (one or more) to the list by filling in all the required fields
Make an online payment with a payment card
Print the electronic stamp in a convenient format (on an envelope or letterhead)
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We have also prepared a video instruction to help you do everything correctly:


It is important to sign the envelope/postcard in legible handwriting.

To: write the address of the recipient in the bottom right part of the envelope/postcard.

Specify the name, surname of the addressee, street, house and apartment number, town/city, district and region (in the language of the country of destination), postal code, country (in Ukrainian).

On the international mail, the name of the addressee and his mailing address should be written in Latin letters and Arabic numerals. If the postal address is written in the language of the country of destination, the name of the settlement and country of destination should be repeated in Ukrainian (in capital letters).

From: the address of the sender write in the upper left part of the envelope/postcard.

Specify the name, surname of the sender, street, house and apartment number, district, region and town/city (in the language of the country of departure), zip code, location and country (duplicate in Latin letters).

You can find the postal codes of Ukraine on Ukrposhta website, in a mobile application or via chat bot in Messenger, Viber and Telegram.

Inquiries initiating is possible only for registered mail. To find the shipment, please contact the post office with the inquiry request. This request can be submitted by both the sender and the recipient.

Please add to the request form the following information:

  • payment document (or its copy);
  • postal item type/category and its track number;
  • place and date where and when the item was sent;
  • sender and addressee name/surname and postal addresses;
  • shipping route (air/surface);
  • description of the postal item contents (for parcels with declared value — contents list and value cost).

When submitting the request, personal ID is needed.

In accordance with Universal Postal Union Acts (Doha, 2012), requests may be registered within six months from the day following the day the mail was sent.

Inquiries for international mail are processed by postal service within two months after the request date. We will inform you about the results.