Media inquiries

To receive a background information, comments or interviews from the company's employees, please send a request to Telegram in the chatbot @ukrposhta_media_bot ( or write to us at [email protected] .

Conducting television, video, filming and photography at post offices

Recording of any type is carried out with the permission of the press service of Ukrposhta and applies only to the units specified in the application. The application must indicate the purpose of the recording, a short script plan indicating the location of the recording/unit, the date and time of the recording, the composition of the shooting group, Full Name and telephone number of the responsible person/channel/broadcast.

Recording at the post office may be denied if it interferes with the work process or for security reasons.

Materials for use in the media

You can use the following images for posts:

Official photos of Ukrposhta for use in the media can be viewed and downloaded via the link.