You can send funds within Ukraine to the address of the recipient or on demand at any post office.

  • Postal transfers are sent to all localities of Ukraine.
  • Payment is made in the post office or at your home address (no extra charge).
  • Payment is made personally in the hands of the recipient or by proxy, drawn up in the manner prescribed by law.

At Ukrposhta branches you can send address and urgent postal transfers.

The term of postal transfer sending depends on the level of automation of the post office:

  • up to 15 minutes — urgent postal transfer in automated postal departments;
  • up to 3 hours — address postal transfer between automated branch offices
  • up to 2 business days of post office — postal transfer from / to a non-automated post office to / from an automated branch office.


Tariffs can be viewed here

Grouped postal transfers

To send five or more postal transfers, you need to make a list of grouped postal transfers in the form f. 103-1.

Additional services

  • Registered notification to the sender of the payment of the transfer 24 UAH (excluding tax)

    A written notice on the form, which is an official confirmation of delivery of the transfer, is sent to the indicated postal address of the sender.