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Dear subscribers!

We invite you to subscribe to periodicals for 2024.

Terms of the subscription campaign:

  • for national distribution media — until the 20th day of the current month of 2024;
  • for local (regional, city, district) media — until the 25th day of the current month of 2024.

Subscribe to periodical media at post offices or through postmen:

  • according to the "Catalog of publications «Press by post» for 2024" (as amended in the information letter);
  • catalogues of local periodical media of the relevant branch of JSC “Ukrposhta” for 2024.

Subscription is available:

* Subscriptions are made according to the tariffs approved by the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine dated 25.09.2023 No. 862 "On Approval of the Tariff for Subscription and Delivery of Printed Media to Subscribers and Amendments to the Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine dated June 10, 2021 No. 323", registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on October 19, 2023 under No. 1832/40888..

In order to fully and qualitatively meet the customer’s need for SC “Ukrposhta” postal services taking into account the local demand, the standard volume of services provided by branches and in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code of Ukraine, the following optimal working hours of post offices are set.

Taking into account the working hours of post offices, the following normative terms are set for of sending items and the following standards of delivery for periodical media are established.

In accordance with the current SC “Ukrposhta” administrative documents and in order to meet the local demand and use the company’s resources in a rational way, the following delivery standards for postal service customers are set as per the order of SC “Ukrposhta” No. 1138 dated 02.12.2019, from 01.01.2020:

  • in the city of Kyiv and regional centers — 5 days a week (except Sundays, holidays and weekends of postal facilities);
  • in cities, in particular cities of regional significance, district centers, urban villages — 4 days a week (except Sundays, holidays and weekends of postal facilities);
  • in other settlements where the population:
    • exceeds 200 inhabitants — 1 day a week;
    • ranges between 201 and 1200 inhabitants — 2 days a week;
    • exceeds 1201 inhabitants — 3 days a week.

To resolve issues regarding non-receipt of subscriptions with payment in advance or unsatisfactory delivery of newspapers and magazines, in case of refusal to accept payment in advance, etc., consumers should contact SC “Ukrposhta” through the following communication channels:

Contacts of JSC “Ukrposhta” Directorates on issues of prepayment