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Dear subscribers!

Subscriptions for 2023 have begun!

The subscription campaign will be carried out within the following terms:

  • for national publications — until December 16, 2022;
  • for local publications (regional, city, district) — within the terms defined in accordance with the contracts concluded with publishing houses (editorial offices);
  • for foreign publications — until December 3, 2022.

Subscription is available:

  • “Catalogue of publications of Ukraine “Press by post” for 2023 (first half)”;
  • “Catalogue of publications of Ukraine “Press by post” for Donetsk and Luhansk regions for 2023 (first half)” (electronic version);
  • “Catalogue of publications of foreign countries for 2023 (first half)” (electronic version);
  • catalogues of local publications of relevant branch of JSC “Ukrposhta” for 2023 (first half).

Subscription is available:

Subscribe to your favourite newspapers and magazines for recreation, leisure and self-development and take part in the promotion “I love subscription”. You have a chance to win home appliances or electronics. You can find the terms and conditions of participation in the promotion on the website in the “Promotions” section.

* Subscription shall be made at the rates, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine of June 10, 2021 on №323 “On approval of Tariffs for services concerning reception and delivery of subscripted national printed periodicals” and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of June 29, 2021 on №846/36468 and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On State Support of Mass Media and Social Protection of Journalists”.

In order to fully and qualitatively meet the customer’s need for SC “Ukrposhta” postal services taking into account the local demand, the standard volume of services provided by branches and in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code of Ukraine, the following optimal working hours of post offices are set.

Taking into account the working hours of post offices, the following normative terms are set for of sending items and the following standards of delivery for periodicals are established.

In accordance with the current SC “Ukrposhta” administrative documents and in order to meet the local demand and use the company’s resources in a rational way, the following delivery standards for postal service customers are set as per the order of SC “Ukrposhta” No. 1138 dated 02.12.2019, from 01.01.2020:

  • in the city of Kyiv and regional centers — 5 days a week (except Sundays, holidays and weekends of postal facilities);
  • in cities, in particular cities of regional significance, district centers, urban villages — 4 days a week (except Sundays, holidays and weekends of postal facilities);
  • in other settlements where the population:
    • exceeds 200 inhabitants — 1 day a week;
    • ranges between 201 and 1200 inhabitants — 2 days a week;
    • exceeds 1201 inhabitants — 3 days a week.

To resolve issues regarding non-receipt of subscriptions with payment in advance or unsatisfactory delivery of newspapers and magazines, in case of refusal to accept payment in advance, etc., consumers should contact SC “Ukrposhta” through the following communication channels:

Ukrposhta invites you to join the charity subscription to support orphans of Ukraine, the elderly and the disabled in geriatric centers of Ukraine.

With this gesture of help, we draw public attention to the problems of orphans and the elderly who have been left without the support of relatives, as well as involve in reading Ukrainian publications those who do not have such an opportunity and promote pleasant and informative leisure.

A few steps are enough to subscribe to the address of orphanages or geriatric centers of Ukraine:

  1. Read the catalog of children’s publications and the catalog of publications for the elderly.
  2. Select in the appropriate catalog the names of publications and institutions, to which you want to subscribe.
  3. Order a publication through the Online Subscription service: select magazines and newspapers by index or title, specify the subscription period and number of copies, and make a payment. You can also subscribe to the nearest post office.

*During hostilities in Ukraine, the addresses of orphanages, boarding schools and geriatric centers in some regions may change. You can find out more by calling the selected institution at the number listed in the catalog.

We invite you to subscribe to your favorite periodicals online!


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