Bulky or heavy shipments

About the service

Items weighing up to 30 kg are bulky. The maximum side is 200 cm and the sum of all sides (length + width + height) is over 250 cm, but does not exceed 350 cm. Accepted for delivery without pallets.

Items weighing between 30 kg up to 600 kg are heavy. Accepted for delivery on pallets. The maximum pallet dimensions are 120 × 120 cm and the maximum height of the item is 180 cm.


  • declared value of the item is up to UAH 100 thousand;
  • pay on delivery is up to UAH 50 thousand;
  • tracking of items by tracking number;
  • address delivery or courier pick-up at a fixed price;
  • option to choose who pays for the delivery — the sender or the recipient (subject to signing the contract).

Ukrposhta delivers bulky and heavy shipments:

  • to the postal office (poste restante);
  • at the address to the door (the recipient shall be able to unload it himself/herself).

Item, which was delivered at the time of delivery and in respect of which there is no order of the sender or addressee, is kept in the premises of the postal office of the place of delivery within 5 calendar days from the date of its receipt.

Sample list form 103


Tariffs for bulky and heavy items and tariff zones can be viewed here.

Delivery terms

  • between 4–6 days within Ukraine (corresponding to the standard delivery terms of Ukrposhta Standard).

How to process a bulky or heavy shipment

Bulky and heavy items are accepted and delivered at designated postal facilities — see their list.

To order address delivery or collection of items please call Ukrposhta contact centre — 0 800 300 545.

For complete procedure of service provision please follow this link.