Tariffs Ukrposhta Documents

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Item weight

Tariff1 within Ukraine, UAH including VAT
Up to 1 kg inclusive 45
The addressed pick-up or addressed delivery services (for one item) 30
Return documents delivery 20
Item stored for more than 5 working days (per day) UAH 10/day but not more than UAH 50
Item return (per item) will be charged at a rate of 0.5 of the item’s postage cost 15
Checking the compliance of the attachment mailing the description of the attachment 5
Dispensing point2 20

1The tariff includes: cost of a special envelope and shipping in it (if available at the local office and ordered by the sender), SMS notification of delivery (if the sender provides a mobile phone number and does not order the registered notification of delivery).

2Preparing to launch. The item is accepted at the post office and delivered to the recipient at the same post office without being handed over to the sorting center. The item is available for issuance immediately upon receipt.

Business customers can benefit from special tariff conditions and usage of additional service “Mass courier collection”.