Mobile application

Want to check delivery status, check out shipments or mail orders on the go? Install the Ukrposhta mobile application . We developed the application in order to provide maximum convenience for those using our services.

The following functions are available in the application:

  • registration and payment by card of items;
  • calculation of the cost of items;
  • tracking items;
  • search for branches;
  • search for zip codes;
  • transfer between cards;
  • transfer “From the card to office”;
  • transactions “From the card home”.

Chat bot Ukrposhta

Do you like comunicating with instant messengers? We launched a chatbot in Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Using the Ukrposhta chat bot, you can:

  • track shipments, give them names;
  • use a convenient list of departures, if there are several;
  • Receive notifications of changes in the status of items;
  • calculate the cost of shipments;
  • find the nearest post offices;
  • find the zip code;
  • find out the tariffs for postal services.

Use the Ukrposhta chat bot in any messenger that is convenient for you

Personal account

Do you ship several times every month? Save your time!

In your account you can:

  • execute and track shipments within Ukraine (Ukrposhta Standard, Ukrposhta Express) and abroad;
  • pay with a bank card for forwarding services “Ukrposhta Standard”, “Ukrposhta Express”, “International parcels”, “Small packages”, “Small packages PRIME” and “EMS” when making shipments;
  • generate supporting documents (preparation and printing) with a unique barcode identifier (ShKI);
  • create registers of grouped items (lists of form 103A).

Benefits of using your personal account:

  • convenient registration of shipments;
  • quick service at the post office.
Register in your account

API for e-commerce

Often send more than 10 items? Use the solution for business partners. For the convenience of customers of the e-commerce segment, we have implemented full integration through the API for processing shipments in Ukraine or abroad.

The functionality of the API allows you to quickly integrate logistics processes into any business, automate the processes of registration and control of shipments, calculate the cost of the shipment, autofill and generate all the necessary supporting documentation.

The types of APIs we offer are:

  • for shipments in Ukraine;
  • for international shipments;
  • for letters in Ukraine;
  • address classifier.

Connect to the API and automate

More about API from Ukrposhta