Philatelic subscription for 2023

For those who have been collecting postage stamps of Ukraine for many years, such a tool for purchasing postage products as a philatelic subscription is well known. This is when, for a certain fee, Ukrposhta reserves for the client the ordered quantity of products that are planned for issue in the current year, and he is obliged to buy them back.

Usually, it is by subscription that limited products are delivered — such as covers with cancellations "First day" or limited stamps. At the same time, the owner of the philatelic subscription does not have to line up, wait for "scarce" issues on the secondary market for crazy money. So the advantages are obvious.

In 2023, collectors can expect issues in honor of the liberation of the occupied territories, Ukrainian children from whom russia stole their childhoods, dedication of volunteers, hero cities, etc. and, of course, the most anticipated issue — in honor of our VICTORY!

Philatelic subscription — online

The campaign for the philatelic subscription for 2023 will start in December 2022. During this period, a special tariff with a 20% discount will apply — UAH 480/year. All those who wish to do this later — during 2023, will pay UAH 600 for an annual subscription, while subscription holders can expect to purchase products produced by Ukrposhta after the subscription date.

The following types of products are supplied with a philatelic subscription (if they are included in the thematic issue): decorative postage stamps in a sheet or postage block, a cover with cancellation "First day. Kyiv", a non-stamped decorative envelope and a card that come with the postage stamp (hereinafter — the set). When purchasing a philatelic subscription, the client has the right to choose the required number of sets of products — from 1 to 3.

Starting in January 2023, all owners of online subscriptions will receive a link to pay for new postage issues in their email. At the same time, users of the online service — residents of Ukraine can pay only for those editions that they like more. Another novelty for residents of Ukraine is that in 2023, products will be sent to the owner free of charge immediately after the stamp is put into circulation, and not at the end of the month, as it was before.

The terms of service for foreign collectors remain unchanged — payment for the months products and delivery at Ukrposhta rates, with orders sent from the 1st to the 10th of the month following the reporting month.

Subscribe online

Philatelic subscription — offline

As in previous years, it will be possible to issue a philatelic subscription at the network of philatelic points of Ukrposhta throughout Ukraine. To do this, you need to fill out a paper subscription form, enter your personal data and select the required number of product sets (similarly to online subscription sets).

The start of the subscription campaign for 2023 will be announced additionally. It will be possible to issue a philatelic subscription offline only for six months (until July 1, 2023). After that, Ukrposhta plans to transfer all owners to online service.

The cost of a six-month subscription is UAH 300 and will not depend on the month of its registration. Offline subscriptions can be issued during the current half-year. At the same time, the order for such a subscription is executed starting from the next calendar month, with the exception of the month in which Ukrposhta will organize a subscription campaign. This months products will be sent to holders of philatelic subscriptions.

Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the products at the service point, the owner is obliged to purchase them in full in accordance with the previously selected quantity. Otherwise, the subscription will be canceled and the money for the subscription fee will not be returned.