Ukrposhta presents an exclusive exhibition of foreign postage stamps


Today, on April 5, Ukrposhta has held the official opening of "Solidarity with Ukraine", the exhibition of foreign stamps that the postal operators of 15 countries issued in 2022 as a sign of solidarity with our country.

The exhibition of foreign postage stamps from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Canada, Slovakia, Portugal and Italy can be visited by Kyiv residents and guests of the capital city absolutely free of charge in the main post office until mid-May.

The exhibition of postage stamps "Solidarity with Ukraine" is also available online, on Ukrposhta’s website.

"This is the first time at the main post office that we present not Ukrainian, but foreign stamps, and what is more, issued by 15 countries. Each of these stamps tells a story of supporting the Ukrainian people and Ukraine: collecting and delivering humanitarian aid from all corners of the world, reducing tariffs for sending postal items to Ukraine, deciding to announce a postal blockade to the aggressor country and, on the contrary, to support the Ukrainian postal workers. These stamps popularize the idea of unity and support, therefore the purpose of the exhibition is to show the Ukrainian people that other countries are in solidarity with Ukraine in our fight against the aggressor on all fronts, including the postal one," commented Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta.

After the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukraine has been supported by a number of countries of the world. In their turn, the postal administrations have united to help Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and, in particular, Ukrposhta, by providing strong support on the postal front and by announcing the postal blockade of Russia.