Ukrposhta announces the start of the philatelic online subscription for the last 3 months of 2022


Ukrposhta announces the start of the philatelic online subscription for the last 3 months of 2022. You can subscribe from October 13 to 25. The cost of an online subscription for 3 months will be UAH 798, which includes the cost of subscription services, as well as the cost of postal products of the starting month, that is, October. In the future, every month during the validity period of the online subscription, the client will receive a list and cost of postal products, the release of which is planned by SC "Ukrposhta" in the current month, and an active link to pay for the order to the e-mail specified during registration.

Since in October Ukraine celebrates the Day of Defenders, the main issue of October will be the postal issue "GLORY TO THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE!" by Anton Khrupin. It includes:

  • Stamp sheet of 6 stamps - charity issue in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Envelope f. C5 with "First Day of Issue. Kyiv";
  • Set of 6 types of unmarked art envelopes f. C6;
  • Set of 6 types of cards.

Each of the 6 envelopes depicts the emblem of one of the branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, namely: air assault troops, ground forces, naval forces, air forces, special operations forces, territorial defense forces. For each envelope, you can choose the appropriate postage stamp from the stamp sheet and a postcard with the image of the military representing these branches of the Armed Forces.

Also, the October philatelic online subscription will include an envelope with the original stamp "Spring will come again!". The envelope was designed by Andrii Sahach, who won the popular vote in the PostEurop contest "Peace is the highest value of mankind": sunflowers symbolizing life and birds of prey destroying peace. Ukrainians gave more than 9 thousand votes for this sketch.

The philatelic products of October are complemented by the art card "Peace" by Maria Suslova depicting a girl with a dove, who also represented Ukraine at the European stage of the PostEurop competition this year.

Please note that since October, only the philatelic online subscription "Standard" is available for registration. There will be no more "Standard+" subscriptions, which include a stockbook. Instead, everyone can buy a stockbook in the Ukrposhta postal market at a retail price.

Please note that those who purchased an online philatelic subscription in August and September will receive a link to pay for the October products on October 13. And the products will be delivered to the subscription holders by November 10.

Advantages of the online subscription:

  • Guaranteed opportunity to purchase postal issues of Ukraine without queues at a convenient time;
  • Opportunity to receive envelopes with "First Day of Issue. Kyiv" imprints, which takes place only in the capital during the day of putting the stamp into circulation;
  • Free delivery of products by online subscription by post within Ukraine.