Subscription to newspapers during the war: for the second half of the year, Ukrainians subscribed to 3.7 million editions


Ukrposhta summarized the results of the first subscription during the war. For the second half of 2022, Ukrainians subscribed to 3.7 million copies of newspapers and magazines. Among them, in particular, 2.3 million national publications and 1.4 million copies of local publications. The specific weight of national publications in the total circulation of all groups of publications is 62%, local publications - 38%.

2,362 national and local publication indexes were included in the subscription catalogues.

“This is the first subscription campaign that we are conducting during wartime. The hostilities in Ukraine affected both the economy in general and the print media market in particular. In the first weeks of the war, the printing of some editions was suspended, because the printing houses could not work temporarily due to a significant increase in the price of paper or interruptions in its supply. During three months, the printed press was partially not printed and did not reach the readers in full. If we compare the number of publications in the subscription catalogues for the second half of the year now and a year ago, now it’s more than 30% fewer. Also, a significant internal and external migration of Ukrainians became a tangible consequence of the first months of the war, which also affected the course of the subscription campaign, because many people lost their homes and moved to certain regions of Ukraine. Despite this, Ukrposhta works and does everything possible so that our customers could subscribe and receive publications in the future”, - noted Serhii Hrechko, director of Ukrposhta postal services department.

To encourage subscribers, Ukrposhta held a number of events in its post offices. In particular, as part of the “Subscriber's Days” promotion, more than UAH 2 million worth of publications were prepaid. And almost 336,000 subscribers took part in the “I love subscription” campaign, who will take part in a lottery for household appliances on July 15.

In addition, as part of the charitable subscription for orphanages and geriatric centres of Ukraine, caring customers subscribed to more than 8,000 publications to support orphans and the elderly.

Although the subscription to newspapers and magazines for the second half of 2022 has ended, it can be also arranged from the current months until the end of this year.
As reported, the resumption of delivery of newspapers and magazines in liberated settlements takes place under the conditions of safety for customers and employees of Ukrposhta. Internally displaced persons can request the forwarding of prepaid publications.

The issue of compensation for the non-published publications during hostilities is being considered by publishers and editors who have resumed publication of newspapers. They decide on the mechanism of compensation (paired editions, replacement of certain editions with others, force majeure, etc.). Final decisions on possible compensation will be made by the publishers after the end of martial law.

Information about the work of Ukrposhta post offices is updated daily at Ukrposhta official website. You can find more details about the work of post offices in a specific locality and their work schedule by following the link.