Ukrposhta continues to increase card transactions: +28.7% in May


Since the beginning of the war, Ukrposhta has been systematically increasing the volume of card transactions. The growth of the total number of all acquiring operations in May compared to April was 28.7%, reaching 1.2 million transactions per month. Also the number of transactions per one POS-terminal increased. In April, one POS-terminal processed 126 transactions, while in May the number of transactions was 162.

The most popular service is refill cards through POS-terminals of Ukrposhta. In May Ukrainians refilled card accounts in Ukrposhta outlets for 135,8 mln., the increase comparing to April was record-breaking 113%. The number of transactions on card refill in May increased by 78.6% and amounted to 49 thousand. Average bill in May was 2.7 thousand UAH against 2.3 thousand in April and 2.1 thousand in March.

As previously reported, the number of transactions to recharge card accounts in the offices of Ukrposhta grows for the third month in a row: before the war, in February, this service Ukrainians used 19 thousand times, in May the number of payments increased to 49 thousand.

Also in May, the number of card payments for goods and services in the offices of Ukrposhta increased by 31% and amounted to 991.6 thousand operations against 755 thousand in April.

Cash withdrawal from cards through POS-terminals of Ukrposhta showed a slight increase in May: 172 thousand transactions (increase of 7.8% in April) for a total of UAH 341 million. Most of all the services for cash withdrawal from cards are used in Donetsk and Sumy regions - the increase of the number of transactions was 56% and 59% respectively comparing to April. Such growth can be explained by the fact that not all bank branches operate in these regions and ATMs are not always available for cash withdrawal. While in the branches of Ukrposhta you can use this service.

We would like to remind you that Ukrposhta is among top-6 Ukrainian companies by the number of its own POS-terminals and has 7.5 thousand terminals in more than 4 thousand automated branches.