From June 1, 106 more travelling post offices of Ukrposhta started working in 1092 villages in six regions of Ukraine


"Ukrposhta" continues the reform of post offices in the villages. From the beginning of June, 106 mobile offices started working in Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Poltava, Ternopil and Khmelnitsky regions. These teams will serve 335 thousand people in 1092 villages.

In particular, 43 more mobile units in Poltava region from June 1 will now serve more than 135 thousand people. Brigades of mobile branches in new cars will leave their locations in Mirgorod, Lubny and Lokhvytsa and provide postal and financial services in 455 settlements.

Eighteen travelling post offices with locations in Verkhniedniprovsk, Pyatykhatky and Kamenskyi began their work in Dnipropetrovsk region. They will serve more than 42 thousand residents in 206 villages.

The list of travelling post branches was also added in the Lviv region. Here, from the beginning of summer, 18 travelling post offices left on the routes from Brody and Mostyska. More than 61 thousand residents of 180 villages will now receive services of Ukrposhta.

In Khmelnitsky region, 14 travelling post offices started their work on June, 1, leaving their home base in Volochysk, and will serve 52 thousand inhabitants in 108 villages.

In Zhytomyr region 7 travelling post offices started working from Korosten` city to 99 villages in order to provide services to almost 20 thousand people.

And in the Ternopil region, 6 travelling post offices, departing from the base point of Buchach, began working to serve nearly 25,000 residents of 44 villages.

"Reforms are a matter of peacetime. However, we in Ukrposhta do not want to stop halfway because of the war, so we continue to launch mobile branches throughout Ukraine, including in the liberated Zhytomyr and front-line Dnipropetrivsk regions. From the beginning of summer another 106 mobile branches will travel to the remotest villages and provide Ukrposhta services to 352,000 residents from six oblasts in the center, west and north of the state. Our clients can be sure that no matter where they are in Ukraine, the mobile branches of Ukrposhta will be able to provide them with necessary services: receive pensions or social assistance, pay for utilities, receive or send money transfers, arrange a subscription, bring food or medicine. Delivery by car is now the fastest way to start providing services in exempted areas as well. The effectiveness of replacing rural stationary post offices with mobile ones was well seen at the beginning of the war, when it was because we had mobile teams that we were able to issue pensions in the occupied areas," said Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta.

Mobile branches are an opportunity for residents to receive a wider range of services in the future (digital and banking services in every locality of the country). And also - to perform the socially important function of delivering pensions and social benefits, especially in the temporarily occupied territories or where there is active fighting. it is thanks to mobile branches Ukrposhta is almost the only company that has been able to provide services throughout Ukraine since the war began.
As previously reported, since the beginning of the war, 266 mobile branches of Ukrposhta have already started working in 9 regions of Ukraine.

The project of travelling post offices started in Ukrposhta in 2018 from Chernihiv region. The project is financed by Ukrposhta funds and EBRD investments in the amount of 33 million euros for the purchase and equipping of vehicles of mobile post offices.