Receiving an item

You can receive an item, item in wrapper or small packet at the nearest Ukrposhta office or by courier delivery in regional centres.

If you want to receive your item by courier delivery, please fill in the form on the website.

Receiving an item at the Ukrposhta office:

  1. Check if the item is delivered on the website, personal account, mobile application, chat bot in the instant messenger, or contact centre at 0 800 300 545.
  2. Find here your Ukrposhta office by index or home address.
  3. To receive your item, please provide the employee of post office with an identity document (passport, driver’s license, certificate for residence, etc.) or a document that authorises you to receive the item.
  4. Pay for the shipment if the sender has not paid for it. If you receive an international item, pay the accrued custom charges.