Ukrposhta Standard Tariffs

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Shipping cost (branch-to-branch), UAH including VAT


(up to the specified)

The longest side

(up to the specified)

Within the region

(up to 4 days, up to 3 days within the city)

Within Ukraine

(up to 6 days, up to 4 days between regional centers)

0,25 kg 70 cm 40 45
0,5 kg 40 45
1 kg 40 45
2 kg 40 45
5 kg 55 60
10 kg 70 75
15 kg 90 100
20 kg 105 115
30 kg 125 130
1000 kg* 125 UAH + (3.00 UAH × actual weight more than 30 kg) 130 UAH + (5.00 UAH × actual weight more than 30 kg)
1000 kg* 200 cm 500 UAH + (3 UAH × actual weight more than 30 kg) 520 UAH + (5 UAH × actual weight more than 30 kg)
*For shipments consisting of several items with a total weight of more than 30 kg up to and including 1000 kg. The actual weight of such shipments is considered to be the weight in kilograms (grams are rounded up to the kilogram).
Shipping costs for oversized items (branch-to-branch), UAH including VAT
Items up to and including 3 kg, the size of the longest side / dimensions (length, or width, or height) of which exceeds 70 cm 2 × cost of actual weight
Items over 3 kg up to and including 30 kg, with the longest side/dimension (length, width, or height) exceeding 70 cm 4 × cost of actual weight
The addressed pick-up or addressed delivery services
Shipments up to 30 kg with the longest side up to 70 cm inclusive 30
Additional services
Delivery to the village, town settlement included in the fare
Storage of the item for more than 5 business days (for each day) 10 UAH/per day, but for not more than 50 UAH
Return* of the shipment (for one shipment) 15
Check if the mail attachment matches the description of the attachment 10
Return delivery of documents 35
*In case of the sender's request, or the addressee's refusal to receive, or the expiration of the storage period set by the sender.
Dispensing point*
Weight (up to the specified) Shipping, UAH including VAT
2 kg 20
5 kg 30
10 kg 30
15 kg 40
20 kg 42
30 kg 45
* Preparing to launch. The item is accepted at the post office and delivered to the recipient at the same post office without being handed over to the sorting center. The item is available for issuance immediately upon receipt.
Declared value
For the estimation of the item for the amount of more than 500 UAH 0.5% of the total amount of the declared value

Tariff for the Humanitarian Iron Post service

Shipping cost (post office – post office), UAH including VAT
Shipping weight up to 30 kg specified
The size of the longest from the sides / dimensions (length, width or height) of the shipment up to 70 cm specified
Within Ukraine 25

* The commission for the declared value of the shipment in excess of the fee for the mass is not charged

Detailed instructions for volunteers

To calculate the estimated cost of item, use the calculator.

The list of settlements, which are equal to the regional center and Kyiv, is indicated in the guidance.