Regulation on branches

Vinnytsia Directorate
Volyn Directorate
Main Educational Center “Zelena Bucha”
“Avtotransposhta” Directorate
Directorate of Mail Processing and Transportation
Dnipropetrovsk Directorate
Donetsk Directorate
Zhytomyr Directorate
Zakarpattia Directorate
Zaporizhia Directorate
Ivano-Frankivsk Directorate
Information and settlement Directorate
Kyiv City Directorate
Kyiv Oblast Directorate
Kirovohrad Directorate
Crimean Directorate
Luhansk Directorate
Lviv Directorate
Mykolaiv Directorate
Odesa Directorate
Poltava Directorate
Rivne Directorate
Sevastopol Directorate
Sumy Directorate
Ternopil Directorate
Kharkiv Directorate
Kherson Directorate
Khmelnytskyi Directorate
Cherkasy Directorate
Chernivtsi Directorate
Chernihiv Directorate