Postage stamp "FCK PTN!" to the anniversary of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine was put into circulation


On the anniversary of the Great War, Ukrposhta presented the postage stamp "FCK PTN!". Cancelation with a special "First Day" seal took place in Kyiv, at the main post office. On this day, special cancelation will also take place in the regions. Seals for the temporarily occupied territories of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol will work in the Kyiv main post office; the seal for Luhansk oblast will work in the city of Pokrovsk (Donetsk oblast).

On February 24, 2022, when russia insidiously attacked our country from the ground and from the air, aiming to conquer Ukrainians and capture the capital within the days, our people stood up for the defense of state and nation, transforming all their fury against the enemy.

The graffiti on the wall of a damaged building in urban-type settlement Borodyanka, which depicts the duel of two judokas, was chosen by Ukrposhta as a sketch for the postal issue "FCK PTN!". A little boy who knocks out a grown man is an allegorical image - this is the struggle of Ukraine against the russian federation. Our small country, compared to russia, courageously entered into an unequal battle with the enemy and, despite all the difficulties, is fighting for the Victory.

"We believe that the Ukrainian postage stamp "FCK PTN!" will also become prophetic. And in 2023, Ukraine, which is smaller in terms of territory but hundreds of times more motivated, will finally “pin russia to the mat”, commented Igor Smelyanskyi, Director General of Ukrposhta.

The most famous street artist and political activist, Banksy, who anonymously visited Ukraine in fall 2022, created on destroyed buildings in Kyiv and its suburbs a series of graffiti, dedicated to the war. In his works the artist rises important topics and brings attention of the world to the tragic events.

The circulation of the postage stamp is 1,500,000 copies or 250,000 sheets of stamp. The denomination of the stamp is F (corresponds to the tariff for sending a registered letter weighing up to 50 g within Ukraine). The cost of a sheet of stamp is UAH 180, (UAH 42 of which is a charitable contribution). A "First Day" envelope, an art envelope, a postal card, a presentation folder and frame and a hoodie are issued to support the stamp.

Postage stamp "FCK PTN!" is a charity issue of Ukrposhta. The collected charitable funds will be directed to humanitarian needs, in particular to educational institutions that suffered from russian aggression.

A postage stamp, an envelope, a postcard and a hoodie "Bulletproof People" dedicated to the anniversary of the Great War you can purchased starting from February 24 at Ukrposhta branches throughout the country and in the official online store. The postage stamp "FCK PTN!" will be sold in the official online stores of Ukrposhta on the marketplaces Prom, Kasta, Rozetka eBay and Amazon. You can order up to 10 sheets of stamp, 10 art envelopes and 10 postcards per online order.