Ukrposhta provided charitable and humanitarian aid for more than UAH 150 million


In 2022, when Russia resorted to a full-scale invasion of the territory of our state, Ukrposhta, in addition to its main work tasks, used all opportunities to support the country and resist the aggressor. Since the beginning of the war, the national postal operator has allocated more than 150 million hryvnias to support the country, Ukrainians and the army. Over the past year, Ukrposhta delivered humanitarian cargoes across Ukraine, supported the state relocation program for enterprises from the combat zone and made payments to Ukrainians on evacuation trains.

An important vector of assistance was the assistance program for Ukrainian enterprises, for which UAH 98 million was allocated. In addition, during 2022, Ukrposhta became one of the largest channels of humanitarian aid for the country. The company has established cooperation with national postal operators and charitable organizations to deliver essential goods and redirected more than 1000 20-ton humanitarian trucks with essential goods.

It is worth noting that Ukrposhta has successfully implemented a joint project with Ukrzaliznytsia and the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, which aims to pay one-time financial assistance from the state to Ukrainians leaving the war zone by evacuation trains.

One of the significant successes of Ukrposhta was the sale of wartime stamps with a charitable component. Thanks to the proceeds of almost 55 million hryvnias, the company together with the KSE Foundation provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as directed part of the funds to restore the educational infrastructure and to help the four-legged pets.

"During the great war, Ukrposhta has become a reliable logistics partner for the country, attracting the support of a number of Posts around the world. Using our reputation and resources, we delivered extremely important cargo to different parts of Ukraine. Ukrposhta did not stop its work for a single day, because we know how important what the company does for Ukrainians and the state is. Our uninterrupted work during the full-scale war has become an undeniable example for postal operators around the world. In addition, we used the extraordinary popularity of wartime stamps and sent the funds to support our army. Thanks to the dedicated work of the postal team and customers of Ukrposhta, we are bringing the Victory closer and doing good deeds", - commented Igor Smelyansky, CEO of Ukrposhta.

For the money from the purchased wartime postage stamps, which during the year of the great war gained special popularity and relevance in Ukraine and the world, donations in the official online store of Ukrposhta and online stores (Kasta, Prom) and international marketplaces (eBay, Amazon), the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to provide: military transport (3 units), drones (55 pcs. ), drones (55 pcs.) and communication devices (41 pcs.), computers (39 pcs.) and tablets (14 pcs.), tactical equipment, military uniforms, bulletproof vests, shoes and other equipment (3,929 pcs.), active headphones (47 pcs.) and other technical means. In addition, with the onset of the cold season and problems with the supply of electricity, Ukrposhta delivered to our defenders generators (5 pcs.), chargers and batteries (23 pcs.), heating devices and personal heating means (1,040 pcs.), chainsaws and axes (80 pcs.), medicines, food kits and drinking water, as well as camouflage equipment.

Supporting educational processes, which are also a priority for the company, Ukrposhta together with the KSE Foundation and the charity fund "Solomianski Kotyky" handed over 60 tablets for education to children from Luhansk and Donetsk regions. In addition, 7 units of equipment were sent to the charity fund "Cities of Good" and almost 3 thousand stationery products together with the charity fund "Wizards" were sent to orphans.

It should be added that the stamp "Dog Patron" became the first charity postage stamp in Ukraine, which has already raised more than 16 million hryvnias. The proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase the Armtrac 400 demining machine, which is the largest and most powerful in the product line. Also, part of the charitable amount was directed to the purchase of vaccines, food and kennels for four-legged friends in shelters and centers for the protection and rehabilitation of animals - Best Friends (Makariv), Gostomel Shelter (Gostomel) and "Happy Dog" (Kropyvnytskyi).

The postal stamp block "Garden of Divine Songs. To the 300th anniversary of the birth of Hryhorii Skovoroda" became the second charity issue of Ukrposhta in 2022. The funds raised from the sale of stamps will be used to restore the Hryhorii Skovoroda National Literary and Memorial Museum in Skovorodynivka, Kharkiv region, which was destroyed by Russians in spring.

In addition, as a sign of support, respect and special gratitude to our defenders, Ukrposhta issued military stamps: "Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!" to the state holiday - the Day of Defenders and "Weapon of Victory" to the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The company uses the proceeds from the sale to support the Ukrainian military, their rehabilitation, as well as to help the families of our defenders.

Every Ukrainian can become a member of the charity collection and help strengthen our army and restore the country by purchasing charity stamps in the official Ukrposhta online store and post offices.