Ukrposhta delivers generators, electronic devices, Stralinks from abroad with no customs duties and VAT


The Ukrainian Government has adopted a Regulation that allows the import of generators, power banks, lithium-ion batteries, portable charging stations, Starlinks without duties and VAT. This document will contribute to ensuring the consumers’ needs in equipment for restoring and stabilizing electricity supply.

Ukrposhta asked other national postal operators to allow sending generators and charging stations from their post offices to Ukraine. Latvia was the first country to start such cooperation with Ukrposhta. Tariffs for the delivery of energy goods will be set by the origin postal operator. Already in December, critical import goods can be sent from 600+ post offices of Latvia Post (Latvijas Pasts), with prices starting from EUR 25. The list of countries will be expanded.

It is worth noting that customs clearance of such postal items in Ukraine will not require a customs cargo declaration. However, the sender must specify the HS code of the goods: a 6-digit code if the recipient in Ukraine is an individual, and a 10-digit code if the recipient is a legal entity (this is necessary to identify the product and the control measures that should be applied to it).

The following goods may be sent: chargers, power banks, electric batteries with lithium-ion components, power generators and portable charging stations, water filtering systems, Starlinks.

In order to get a generator or a charging station from abroad with zero customs duties:

  1. Pay for the product in an online store and order delivery to the address of your friend or relative in Latvia. As the recipient is in the EU, the delivery will be made without customs duties.
  2. Ask your contact in Europe to send the product in a parcel to Ukraine from any convenient Latvijas Pasts post office and pay for the delivery to Ukraine.
    • What must be indicated in the declaration so that customs duties are not required in Ukraine?
      • For generators: Generator, HS code 8502 11/ Electric generating sets, HS code 8502 20;
      • For lithium-ion batteries and portable charging stations: Batteries / accumulators / power banks / portable charging stations with lithium-ion components, HS code 8507 60 00 00;
      • For Starlink: Starlink/ apparatus for communication in a wired or wireless network, HS code 8517620000/ or 8517699000/ or 8517700090;
      • For water filtering systems: water filtering or purifying equipment, HS code 84212100.
  3. 3. In 10 to 14 days the parcel will be at the Ukrposhta post office, ready for pickup. In regional centres, courier address delivery is offered.

More information about the delivery of generators with Ukrposhta is available here.