Ukrposhta started working in Dariivka, Kherson district


This is already the 10th stationary office in Kherson district, which resumed work in November.

Despite the difficult situation in the region, Ukrposhta continues to resume work in Kherson district, because we know how people who have been under occupation since spring are waiting for us. I am grateful to the military, local authorities and the Ukrposhta team - we are all doing a very difficult, responsible, sometimes dangerous but important work. Thanks to the joint efforts, Ukrposhta is back in the Ukrainian Kherson region," commented Tetiana Morozova, director of the Kherson Directorate of Ukrposhta. 2.6 thousand residents lived in Dariivka before the war, of which half are now left.

Today, Ukrposhta will finally bring food and essential goods for them after the clean-up and permission of the local authorities. Also, pensioners will be able to receive pension payments. And starting from December 1, the office will provide a full range of services - it will be possible to send or receive parcels, buy periodicals, receive money transfers.

It is also planned to provide local residents with financial assistance from the Red Cross and IOM. As of the end of November, Ukrposhta provides services in 83 settlements of Kherson region.