Ukrposhta and Pharmacy 9-1-1 will deliver medicines to the de-occupied territories free of charge


Ukrposhta and Pharmacy 9-1-1 are launching a joint project that will allow residents of the de-occupied regions to pre-order and receive free delivery of medicines and related products until the end of December.

After the Ukrainian military, Ukrposhta is traditionally the first to enter the liberated territories of Kharkiv, Kherson and Donetsk regions, where Ukrainians who have been living under occupation for months have an acute problem with the availability and supply of medicines. These territories are currently in a super-critical condition: pharmacies and shops are destroyed, the power grid and mobile communication are almost absent, so ordering the delivery of medicines by mail is the most convenient solution.

In order to place an order for medicines or other medical products, residents of de-occupied villages and towns just need to fill in the appropriate items in the order form, which can be obtained from the postman, post offices or mobile offices. Then give this postcard to the Ukrposhta employee and pick up your shipment in due time.

Employees of the Ukrposhta, together with specialists of the 9-1-1 Pharmacy, will process the order and make free delivery to the nearest working stationary or mobile branch. You can pay for the cost of medicines by subsequent cash on delivery and using the preferential tariff of the 9-1-1 Pharmacy.

"Ukrposhta already has experience of working with pharmacy chains. We have refined this mechanism and made the process of ordering medicines as simple as possible so that Ukrainians from the de-occupied regions who do not yet have the Internet can quickly receive them. Ukrposhta in partnership with 9-1-1 Pharmacy will carry out a full cycle of acceptance, processing, ordering and delivery of medicines. It is important for us to help our fellow citizens, provide them with essential goods and deliver them to every settlement of our country," commented Mykhailo Lashkin, director of Ukrposhta's corporate business development department.

Currently, medicines can be ordered with convenient free delivery from Ukrposhta until the end of December.

Ukrposhta successfully cooperates with a number of pharmacy chains and delivers online orders of medicines, medical equipment, vitamins, hygiene products and other goods to cities and villages of Ukraine.