Law on Postal Service 4353: what will change


On Thursday, November 3, the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the draft Law on Postal Service. Now Ukrainian postal legislation complies with EU legislation in the field of postal services, namely the provisions of Directive 97/67/EC.

The law defines a list of universal services, the maximum cost of which is set by the state, namely: simple letters up to 50 grams, registered (registered) letters up to 50 grams, cards and stamps. The law proposes to establish a fixed number of universal services to be provided by the designated postal operator in Ukraine. At the same time, the designated postal operator will NOT receive compensation for the provision of universal postal services, but will be obliged to provide them throughout the country.

Another innovation is that the International Mail Processing Centers (IMPC) will now be assigned only to members of the Universal Postal Union. This measure is due to the fight against smuggling, which becomes possible due to different levels of responsibility between express and postal operators.

The law also allows the use of electronic stamps and legalizes postomats for Ukrposhta.