Postal front: 64 Ukrposhta offices operate in the de-occupied territories


Over the past two years, Ukrposhta has reopened 64 post offices, which, together with 11 mobile offices from Kharkiv and 8 mobile offices from Kramatorsk, serve more than 280 de-occupied settlements in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson regions.

The largest number of branches was restored in Kharkiv region - 57, which serve 203 settlements of the communities of Izium, Kupiansk, Chuhuiv and Kharkiv districts. In addition, in the de-occupied territories there are 11 additional mobile offices of Ukrposhta with a base in Kharkiv. These are the pioneer offices that are the first to start working in the liberated territories. In total, as of the end of October, there are 168 stationary post offices and 59 mobile ones in Kharkiv region.

In the de-occupied territories of Donetsk region, the postal operator operates 4 branches and 8 mobile ones from Kramatorsk, which serve the local population of 40 towns and villages of Lyman and Svyatohirsk UTC. In November, 3 more stationary offices will resume their work. In total, there are 105 branches in the region, 21 of which are mobile.

There are currently 1 stationary and 2 mobile post offices in Kherson region, which serve 38 settlements.

Ukrposhta is the only company that provides basic financial services in the de-occupied territories. The company also pays pensions to those pensioners who previously switched to banks. In addition, the company pays pensions to IDPs: For almost 8 months of this year, 122 thousand transfers worth UAH 544 million have been made.