Ukrposhta issued standard postage stamps with Easter eggs of Ukrainian regions


On September 27, Ukrposhta put into circulation the first two stamps of the new tenth issue of standard postage stamps called "Pysanky", which will be in postal circulation for the next 5 years and will gradually replace the stamps of the ninth issue "Coats of arms of cities, towns, villages of Ukraine". Standard postage stamps are issued by postal operators in mass circulation, and they are intended primarily for payment of postage.

The first two stamps of the series "Pysanky" with denominations "U" and "M" represent Easter eggs of Lviv region and Yavorivka village of Vinnytsia region - exhibits of the National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Honchar Museum". Each region of Ukraine has its own peculiarities in decorating Easter eggs, so the series of standard stamps will include issues with samples of Easter eggs from different regions of Ukraine.

The stamps were designed by Natalia Andriychenko, who was also the author of the sketches of the ninth issue of standard postage stamps "Coats of arms of cities, towns and villages of Ukraine". The stamps are accompanied by an envelope "The First Day of Issue" designed by Natalia Kokhal.

The circulation of standard stamps depicting Easter eggs of Lviv region is 20 million copies, Easter eggs from Yavorivka village of Vinnytsia region - 7 million copies.

The previous, ninth, series "Coats of Arms of Cities, Towns and Villages of Ukraine" was issued by Ukrposhta during 2017-2022, and the first issue of standard stamps "Allegory "Young Ukraine" after the figure by G. Narbut, 1918" was issued in 1992. These stamps had one image, made in different colours: a girl in a wreath - a sketch of the UPR stamp of 1918 with a face value of 30 shahs (used-to currency) by Heorhiy Narbut.

In total, since the declaration of Ukraine's independence, Ukrposhta has introduced ten standard issues of postage stamps.