Ukrainians have chosen a sketch of a stamp that will represent Ukraine at the European stage of the PostEurop competition “Peace is the highest value of humanity!”


As a result of the voting for the best stamp sketch for the PostEurop competition, won the work with sunflowers, which symbolize life, and rockets, which destroy peace. Ukrainians gave more than 9,000 votes for this sketch.

The second and third places were taken by works depicting a girl with a dove and the Earth embraced by a woman in an embroidered dress. In total, more than 30,000 Ukrainians participated in voting.

Taking into account the additional explanations of the contest organizers received by Ukrposhta, the winning sketch will be revised with the consent of the author. In particular, it is planned to depict the rockets in the form of a flock of black birds of prey. The best sketch of the stamp “Peace is the highest value of humanity!” will be chosen by the postal administrations of the 52 PostEurop member countries, which next year will issue postage stamps based on the winner’s design.

It should be noted that the theme of the annual competition Europe was changed to “Peace is the highest value of humanity!” on the initiative of Ukrposhta.