Ukrposhta temporarily suspends work in Kherson region


There is a situation in which Ukrposhta cannot continue to work in the occupied Kherson region, because we do not work with rubles, traitors and occupiers. According to the order, from July 1, the activity of the Kherson Directorate of Ukrposhta in the temporarily occupied territory is temporarily suspended.

On the territory controlled by Ukraine, we continue to pay pensions and subsidies as usual. We hope that these territories will expand with each new day and very soon we will be able to celebrate this together with our employees.

Since the beginning of the occupation, Ukrposhta has continuously helped and supported the Kherson team. All employees will be paid full salary for June, regardless of the rate and full or part-time employment. Also, the whole team that worked until the end will be provided with financial assistance. Employees who will go to the territory controlled by Ukraine, Ukrposhta will help with employment in the offices, where possible.

We are convinced that the occupation of Ukrainian territories by Russians is a temporary phenomenon! We believe in our victory, we believe in the Armed Forces! The work of the Kherson Directorate will be resumed as soon as possible.