Ukrposhta delivered more than 926 tons of exports in 2 months of the war


Ukrposhta increases export volumes. In March-April, the company delivered more than 926 tons of exports to the world. April was the peak of exports: the Ukrainians sent abroad more than 300 thousand parcels in April, weighing nearly 750 tons. That is, the volume of exports in April is four times higher than in March. For comparison, the volume of exports in 2021 was 4865 tons.

The largest volume of exports from Ukraine came to Poland: in March-April Ukrainians sent packages to Poland with a total weight of more than 330 tons, which is 35% of all exports for the same period. By comparison, 6-8 tons of export parcels from Ukraine per month were sent to Poland during the war.

The structure of exports is also changing. If in March and April social parcels dominated - that is, sending within the service "Parcel from home" with a discount of -70% on parcels to five countries - then since the beginning of May there has been an increase in commercial shipments, that is, traditional export, consisting mainly of shipments of Ukrainian entrepreneurs who sell their goods abroad A positive trend shows the growth of parcels to the United States - the volume increased by 2.5 times to 115 tons in April compared to 45 tons in March, while shipments to Poland, which had held a complete lead for two months, are decreasing.

"In April, Ukrposhta faced volumes that were not there before. We, like all companies now, are learning to work under war conditions. For Ukrposhta, such conditions are not only a change in the logistics of closed skies, new difficulties with the transportation of shipments on the roads of Ukraine, but also a sharp increase in the load on the sorting centers. For our part, to resolve the situation, we have strengthened logistics. If before Ukrainian exports were received by Poland and Slovakia, now we have found a way to take exports to four more transit countries - Latvia, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova - and to reload Ukrainian parcels on flights of our partners there. This will reduce the load on the sorting centers in Poland and Slovakia, which have been receiving Ukrainian exports since the beginning of the war. We are also now looking for ways to optimize the sorting process itself at our centers in order to process shipments faster. We have passed the peak of social shipments and are moving straight to the increase of traditional exports. The strengthening of the logistic network, which I have mentioned, in order to make Ukrainian businessmen confident in the reliability of delivery from Ukrposhta, for them to resume and increase sales abroad", - said Igor Smelyansky, General Director of Ukrposhta.

Since the beginning of the war, Poland Post has become Ukrposhta's main partner in organizing international shipments. Poland receives a significant share of Ukrainian imports (about 150 tons per month), as well as a significant share of Ukrainian exports passing through Poland (about 200 tons of exports to Poland and more than 250 tons of Ukrainian exports to other countries in transit via Poland Post per month).

As reported, since March 1, Ukrposhta post offices began to receive international parcels from Ukrainian exporters to all countries except Russia and Belarus. Also, the company agreed with the most popular marketplaces eBay, Wish, Etsy, Joom, and Shopify waive fees for sellers from Ukraine.