Ukrposhta paid out 80% of pensions in April


As of April 25, 2022, Ukrposhta delivered 80% of pensions (or UAH 8.5 billion). Delivery of pensions is carried out in all regions. Payment of April pensions is almost finished in the Odesa region (100%), Kirovohrad region (99%), Ivano-Frankivsk region (98%), Volyn and Poltava regions (97% each), Zhytomyr and Lviv regions (95% each), Dnipropetrovsk and Zakarpattia regions (94% each). Due to the fact that Ukrposhta resumed work of its branches immediately after the liberation of Sumy and Chernihiv regions, the payment of pensions in these regions is going on schedule and at the end of the third week of April makes 86% and 73% respectively.

Slower due to constant shelling, but with encouraging dynamics, pensions are being paid out in Donetsk (53%) and Mykolaiv (54%) regions.

The situation remains difficult in Luhansk (2%), Kherson (10%) and Zaporizhia (40%) regions. The Russian military occupiers are blocking access to cities and villages, which makes it almost impossible to deliver pensions on time. As soon as humanitarian routes are formed to cities that are under fire or are temporarily occupied by Russian invaders, Ukrposhta will immediately deliver the payments.

"All Ukrposhta employees understand the importance of delivering pensions. Our delivery personal risk their lives every day to bring Ukrainian pensioners their money and basic necessities. We are constantly in dialogue with local authorities and when we have a possibility to pay out pensions, we do it immediately. In April, we continued to deliver March pensions to regions where it was not possible to deliver money earlier. Due to this, at the end of the month, we have good payout indicators in Chernihiv and Sumy regions. This gives us hope that despite the difficult situation in Zaporizhia, Kherson, and other regions, we will soon be able to deliver money there", - commented Ukrposhta Director General Igor Smelyanskyi.

Please note that Ukrposhta delivers payments within Ukraine also to temporarily displaced people. If you have left your place of usual residence, you can receive your payment by redirecting it.

To readdress a payment you shall:

  1. Contact:
    Ukrposhta, or by calling its Contact Center at 0 800 300 545 and select button 2 - section "Pensions, social benefits, and subsidies" (all calls are free), or by filling out the online form;
    the Pension Fund of Ukraine by phone numbers that you will find by following the link or by transmitting information via your client account.
  2. Inform about the need to receive a pension or cash benefit at another address and provide the following information:
    • family name, name, and patronymic name of the recipient of the pension and/or cash benefits;
    • address for receiving pension/cash benefits until March 2022
    • passport data (passport series and number);
    • telephone number of the recipient of the pension/cash benefit;
    • method of receiving payment (at the branch or at home address)
    • new delivery address: postal code of Ukrposhta branch or address of temporary residence.

If you receive a pension or cash benefit by postal money order, please inform the operator additionally the transfer code received in the SMS.
The funds will be paid out at the new address of residence informed within a few days.

You can also get a pension at any automated branch of Ukrposhta, which will be accessible (you shall inform the postal operator about this).

Please note that about 6 thousand branches of Ukrposhta are operating nowadays (the list of working branches you will find by following the link )