Posts of the world declare a postal blockade on Russia


In support of Ukraine, the Ukrainians and Ukrposhta, which in late February stopped mail delivery to Russia and Belarus because of the Russian attack, the world's Posts are also cutting off cooperation with these countries.

Posts in Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Australia have already filed the relevant documents with the Universal Postal Union to stop delivering mail to Russia and Belarus. The Latvian Post also joined the postal blockade of the aggressor countries by stopping postal money transfers to Russia and Belarus in March.

"The postal blockade is the result of the work of Ukrainian diplomats, volunteers, the Ukrainian diaspora and, of course, Ukrposhta, which, as the designated operator of a member country of the Universal Postal Union, has repeatedly appealed to colleagues from the Posts of other countries to sever ties with Russia. I hope the other Posts will also soon join six of us and stop delivering to Russia and Belarus. This is important because with the introduction of sanctions and the withdrawal of companies from the Russian market, the mail has become a channel for importing sub-sanctioned goods. Therefore, it is very important that postal operators support the actions of their countries to suppress Russia's aggression and stop delivering items to Russia and Belarus.Thank you for your support and principled position to those Posts that have already done so ", - commented Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta.

Please be noted that Ukrposhta stopped delivery to/from Russia and Belarus from the first days of the war. All parcels from Russia and Belarus, which had already arrived in Ukrposhta, were sent back to the addressees. At present, it is impossible to post a postal item or send a money transfer to Russia or Belarus from Ukrposhta post offices.