Ukrposhta resumes delivery by rail


Ukrposhta adds rail transportation of mail to its traditional auto-road way of delivery. In particular, it concerns the delivery of parcels and humanitarian aid. After the rail delivery of postal items is tested, it is planned to launch mail deliveries by rail to Kharkiv and other cities with a population more than one million. Ukrposhta and Ukrzaliznytsia plan to establish delivery of mail throughout the country.

"Since the beginning of the war, the number of tasks Ukrposhta solves has increased. Before the war, our main task was to deliver postal items and now we have added the transportation of humanitarian goods, assistance with the relocation of enterprises, and delivery of food kits to the frontline cities. In addition, traffic on the roads has become difficult due to numerous checkpoints and sometimes traffic jams. But despite the situation in the country, we strive to ensure timely delivery to all corners of our country. It is very important for business, for people who stay at home and wait for parcels from their relatives and for those who had to leave their homes. I thank Ukrzaliznytsia, which responded so quickly to our initiative and provided rail cars for operation”, - commented Ukrposhta Director General, Igor Smelyanskyi.

The transportation of shipments by rail should reduce the total delivery time, which has increased due to a large number of road checkpoints. Moreover, sorting centers in all regional centers of Ukraine are located near railway stations, so postal items will arrive at the sorting centers almost immediately after unloading. In addition, the railway is currently the safest way of transportation, especially in areas where hostilities are taking place.