Ukrposhta revives exports: in two weeks of March, the postal operator transported 230 tons of shipments


In the last two weeks of March, Ukrposhta shipped abroad 84 thousand export postal items weighing 230 tons. A share of these shipments is commercial export, which in terms of volume has been restored to 60% in the month since the beginning of the war. We are talking about parcels that Ukrainian entrepreneurs selling goods on marketplaces send to customers abroad.

Ukrposhta has made every effort since the early days of the war to restore international delivery to almost all countries in the world, and after a few weeks of work, we can see a positive trend in volume. There are two key areas in which we see particular demand. These are delivery of things to relatives who evacuated abroad, and shipments made by our entrepreneurs selling their goods on world marketplaces and not only. Discounted parcels from home are a short-term story for both us and the country - it's more about supporting Ukrainians.

Commercial exports are about turnover, currency infusions, and jobs. Therefore we expand capacities for sorting and processing of shipments and connect the Kyiv hub to strengthen the work of the Lviv hub. Moreover, every day up to 5 thousand stationary post offices of Ukrposhta open their doors in order to move the business of Ukrainian businessmen to move Ukraine on the economic front while defenders defend it on the military one", - commented General Director of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky.

If we talk about March as a whole, the National Postal Operator sent 277 tons of exports. Most exports in March were sent to Poland. Ukrainians also actively sent shipments to the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Great Britain, Japan, and Germany.

The result is much more optimistic than predictions at the beginning of the war, thanks to a permanent campaign "Parcel from Home", in which Ukrposhta provides a discount of 70% of the cost of sending to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova. For example, a 10 kg parcel from Kyiv to Warsaw, which used to cost 1200 hryvnias, now costs 375 hryvnias. Since the beginning of the campaign, Ukrposhta has already delivered 18.8 thousand such promotional postal items with a total weight of almost 143 tons.

Please be noted that since the beginning of the war, Ukrposhta launched a campaign to support Ukrainian exporters. In particular, the postal operator resumed charter flights to the United States once a week, so that Ukrainian entrepreneurs selling their products on the marketplaces could continue to do business. Also, Ukrposhta held talks with key marketplaces and asked them to reconsider the conditions for Ukrainian merchants during the war. At the urging of Ukrposhta Wish, Joom, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify already reacted - they canceled the subscription fees for Ukrainian merchants and introduced supporting events. All information about the features of marketplaces, in particular for those who only plan to sell abroad, can be found on the portal of Ukrposhta for Entrepreneurs

Please note that due to the lack of direct air service and difficulties with ground transportation, delivery times have increased slightly. Shipping to all countries, including the U.S., Japan, and Australia, is 2-4 weeks.