SC Ukrposhta Statement About The False Mailing


This is the first time when we in Ukrposhta have to refute the absolute nonsense.

Dear customers and partners, those of you, who might have received a letter this morning that supposedly Ukrposhta joined the joint-stock company "Russian Post", most likely, you ignored this letter as spam. However, to finally remove all questions, we inform you: Russia resorts to information warfare, and not a single word from the letter is true.

We understand that after Ukrposhta broke off any cooperation with the Russian Post and also called on the member countries of the Universal Postal Union to react properly to Russia's actions, the Russian Post is offended at us. Everything Russian, including postal services and philately, is becoming toxic. And with this mailing, obviously, the Russian Post, when it writes that all postal items of the Ukrposhta will be sent through the Russian Post, is trying to somehow regain its volumes.

Therefore, we officially announce: the Ukrainian Ukrposhta continues to work. We open branches, deliver parcels, pay pensions, sell products - we do everything we did for the last month and 30 years before that.

Ukrposhta also does not send or accept shipments and remittances from/from the aggressor countries of Russia and Belarus.

Please remain vigilant and do not respond to Russia's petty provocations.

And in conclusion - the autonomous Russian region had better concentrate on providing its population with sugar, and not on prying into the work of Ukrposhta.

Everything will be Ukraine!