To the attention of philatelists!


We invite you to contribute to the postage stamps, envelopes and special cancellations 2021 program creation


Ukrposhta starts its work on development of postage stamps, envelopes and special cancellations thematic plans for the year 2021.


We would like to draw your attention to the information that all the postal prepayment impressions issues shall be made by Ukrposhta in accordance with the Regulation on Postal Prepayment Impressions requirements (clause 14) and according to the President of Ukraine Decree No.1116 (1116/95) of 11 December 1995 On Harmonization of Commemorative Dates and Anniversaries Celebration, in particular:

- anniversaries and honoring of memory of outstanding persons shall be arranged for the first time on the fiftieth anniversary of the birth and subsequent commemorations shall be no sooner than in 10 years;

- memorable dates of historical events, anniversaries of enterprises, institutions and organizations are first celebrated on the 50th anniversary. The following commemorations of the historical dates shall be held no sooner than in 25 years.


On behalf of Ukrposhta, we are glad to invite all of you to join the development of the postal issues program for the year 2021. You shall send your proposals with the national significance topics, marked “Topicplan-2021”, to the Philatelic Products Unit, to [email protected], no later than 1 March 2020.


The postage stamps, envelopes and special cancellations 2021 thematic plans, approved by the creative review committee, will be available on Ukrposhta website, in the Philately section, no later than 1 June 2020.