Ukrposhta received 600 million UAH of net profit in 2019


According to the recent data in 2019 Ukrposhta received 600 M of net profit.

For this period the net profit of the company from sales of products is 8.2 B UAH which is 20.6 % more than in the year 2018.

As in the previous years, last year Ukrposhta continued to grow the business volume in particular international postal items. For instance, the export grew by 50% compared to the year 2018. For last four years the quantity of routes of direct transportations increased almost twofold, in 2016 it was 81, in 2019 – 146 routes. In 2016 all postal items were posted solely in post offices whereas nowadays 65% of international postal items are posted online.

Overall Ukrposhta recently has been implementing modern communication technologies with clients – posting via “My account” of parcels and letters on the company site, online subscription, chat-bots in facebook, viber, telegram.

Also our company last year increased substantially the profit from premises rent which are not used in economic activity. Based on the results 2019 Ukrposhta expects 69 B UAH to be received. For comparison: in 2016 our company received in this field of activity only 11 M UAH.

All auctions were held by the company openly only via the system of electronic purchases Prozorro.

Also via Prozorro Ukrposhta in 2019 was the first among state companies to start signing frame agreements for purchase of fuel, gas, power. Doing so, the tenders take place under competitive procedures and total saving on purchases is over 700 M UAH out of which 150 M UAH – last year.

Moreover, national postal operator attaches much attention to the service quality using “secret shopper” to evaluate the work of operators in the post offices. For last two years NPS “Net Promoter Score” grew from the negative“ -18% “ to the positive “+33%”.