About the service

Advertising to every home is a service of delivery of advertising and/or information products by postmen of Ukrposhta to mailboxes of houses throughout Ukraine.

Different formats of promotional and informational materials are accepted for distribution: newspapers, magazines, leaflets, booklets.



Access to all mailboxes

More than 15 million mailboxes

The Ukrposhta network covers 100% of the territory of Ukraine

More than 29 thousand localities

Fast delivery of any copies

More than 30 thousand postmen

Direct contact with advertising

All mailboxes and subscription boxes are registered by Ukrposhta — your materials fall directly into the hands of potential clients

Reach the right target audience

We form a program for distribution of materials among residents of the house, street, locality, district, region

Convenience of cooperation

We provide fast registration and the possibility of cashless payment of the service, we accept the materials for delivery as often as required


Delivery of advertisement and/or other informational production

Addressless delivery system, for one sheet, cop.1,2

Format or Weight / Circulation, pies. Advertising and information products of public authorities3 More than 2 thousand to 50 thousand inclusive More than 50 thousand to 250 thousand inclusive More than 250 thousand to 1 million inclusive More than 1 million to 2,5 million inclusive More than 2,5 million inclusive
Within the city
Format leaflet (not more than 4 sheets)
up to A5 inclusive 21,50 52,00 27,95 22,00 21,50 21,00
more than A5 to A4 inclusive 33,00 70,00 39,00 33,00 29,50 25,00
more than A4 to A3 inclusive 77,00 43,55 36,00 31,00 26,50
Printed editions
up to 20 g inclusive 62,00 128,00 78,00 62,00 55,00 53,00
for every subsequent complete and incomplete 10 g 18,50 44,00 23,50 18,50 15,50 14,50
Within the locality, village
Format leaflet (not more than 4 sheets)
up to A5 inclusive 114,00 253,00 147,00 114,00 100,00 95,00
more than A5 to A4 inclusive 150,50 300,00 181,00 150,50 131,00 109,00
more than A4 to A3 inclusive 334,00 196,50 167,00 148,00 129,00
Printed editions
up to 20 g inclusive 215,00 430,00 268,50 215,00 161,50 111,00
for every subsequent complete and incomplete 10 g 66,00 146,00 85,00 66,00 47,50 29,50

1. The tariff is determined by the total volumes of delivery (city, town, village) stipulated in the terms of the contract.

2. The service is provided subject to the order of a minimum delivery volume of at least 2 thousand units.

3. The tariff for the delivery of advertising and information products of public authorities distributed pursuant to orders or resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is set for volumes of up to 1.0 million units. For volumes exceeding 1.0 million units, the following tariff applies: for leaflets — according to the volume gradation; for printed publications — according to the volume gradation minus 4 kop. of the tariffs determined for one copy.

Contact the manager

If you would like to request a service or have questions, please contact your local manager.

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