Ukrposhta made the first payments in Luhansk region


Recently Ukrposhta has made the first cash payments in Luhansk region. After the de-occupation, residents of Nevske, which is located directly on the front line, received pensions and one-time cash assistance from the humanitarian organization Red Cross. In one day, Ukrposhta managed to issue about 100 payments to the residents of Nevske, Luhansk region.

Despite the difficult situation in Luhansk region, Ukrposhta, together with the local administration and accompanied by the Ukrainian military, delivered pensions and financial assistance to Ukrainians who have not been able to receive them for a long period of time.

Despite the fact that some regions of our country still remain the epicenter of hostilities, as soon as Ukrposhta receives permission from the military and the RMA, the national postal operator immediately goes to villages and towns to make every Ukrainian feel the support and protection from the state.

Before the war, Nevske had a stationary post office, which was completely destroyed by the occupiers. However, this did not prevent the first redemption of the "Victorious New Year" postage stamp after the large-scale invasion and make the most important wish - Victory for Ukraine.