Ukrposhta has put into circulation the long-awaited postage stamp "Kherson is Ukraine!"


On December 9, Ukrposhta presented a postage stamp "Kherson is Ukraine!" dedicated to the liberated hero city. The solemn special redemption of the stamp, which the postal operator announced on the day of the city's liberation, took place at the Kherson post office with the participation of representatives of the Office of the President of Ukraine, regional and city officials.

The circulation is 150,000 stamp sheets or 900,000 postage stamps. The nominal value of the U stamp is UAH 12 per stamp or UAH 72 for a sheet of 6 stamps. The stamp will be accompanied by a First Day envelope, an unmarked art envelope and two art cards.

"I am confident that the stamp "Kherson is Ukraine!" will start a wonderful tradition of issuing stamps dedicated to cities liberated from Russian occupation. The whole country was waiting with great excitement and impatience for the news of Kherson's return, and people's demand and interest in this stamp was so high that about 40% of the total circulation was sold online in the first few days. These stamps will be sold not only in Ukraine, but also around the world - stamps ordered on eBay and Amazon are already being prepared for shipment to the United States, China, Germany and other countries - which means that with this stamp we are saying to the whole world that the city of Kherson has always been, is and will be Ukrainian," commented Igor Smelyansky, CEO of Ukrposhta.

"Thank you to Ukrposhta and the author of the issue for showing and glorifying our unbreakable Kherson region and its heroic residents to the whole world. May the postcards with the stamp "Kherson is Ukraine" bring only good news. I believe that very soon stamps with Nova Kakhovka, Skadovsk, Henichesk and other settlements of our region temporarily occupied by the Russian invaders will be issued," said Yaroslav Yanushevych, Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

"The memory of the liberation of Kherson will go down in history books. The history that we are writing here and now together with you. Already today, this date is reflected in the stamps of the national post office. The stamp is a piece of Ukraine that travels around the world, and in this way the whole world will know the story of our city's return home," commented Galyna Lugova, head of the Kherson City Military Administration.

The central object on the stamp is a slice of watermelon, a symbol of Kherson and Kherson region. The watermelon seeds are represented as rockets, which the Russians barbarically shelled the Kherson region with. On a slice of watermelon, the artist depicted the events that took place during the occupation of the city: protests of civilians, burning buildings, torture committed by the Russian invaders against the local population and especially activists. In addition, the stamp sheet features a map of Ukraine with the symbol of the hero city of Kherson liberated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On the First Day envelope, the artist depicted a Ukrainian soldier who, by analogy with a slice of watermelon, is returning the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine to its place. The unmarked artistic envelope illustrates the chronicle of the period of temporary annexation of the city - the protests of Kherson residents against the occupation forces.

The Kherson is Ukraine postage stamp issue is available at Ukrposhta offices and on eBay and Amazon marketplaces. The philatelic online store of Ukrposhta and the marketplaces Prom, Kasta and Rozetka will offer envelopes "Kherson is Ukraine!", magnets and themed sweatshirts.

The sale of stamps will be subject to restrictions. One customer can buy no more than 5 stamp sheets, 2 First Day of Issue envelopes, 10 envelopes and 10 postcards per order.

The author of the issue is Andriy Sagach, a Ukrainian artist, winner of the national stage of the "Peace is the Highest Value of Humanity!" stamp design competition, and author of the envelope with the original "Spring will come again!" stamp.

"Ukrainians are friendly, sincere and hospitable people; we do not have a habit of remembering evil and keeping it in ourselves. Now it is extremely important to remember forever at the genetic level: Russia is not a 'brotherly nation' or a 'neighbour'. This country has once again brought suffering to our land, destroyed villages and cities, taken and maimed thousands of lives. While working on the stamp, I lost my father, so I dedicate this work to him and my mother, who, unfortunately, are no longer with me," commented artist Andriy Sagach.