For the first time since de-occupation, special redemption of "Weapons of Victory" postage stamps was held in Kherson


On December 6, the country celebrates the holiday of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This year, this day feels especially significant, because despite the large-scale attacks that the cynical enemy is constantly conducting against Ukraine and Ukrainians, our military are holding the country's borders, recapturing the occupied territories and fighting for the independence of the state.

The special redemption of the "Weapon of Victory" stamps took place on December 6 at the Kherson post office. The special redemption was attended by Tetiana Morozova, director of the Kherson Directorate of Ukrposhta, Galyna Lugova, head of the Kherson City Military Administration, and Serhii Skaliboh, a soldier of the 57th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The new stamps, presented on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are the first stamps to be officially introduced by Ukrposhta in Kherson after months of occupation. It is symbolic that the samples of military weapons of domestic and foreign production depicted on the stamps helped our army to conduct a counteroffensive, advancing through Kherson region, liberating its villages and cities.

The issue is a charity one and was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the State Concern "UkrOboronProm". Part of the funds raised will be used to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kherson has been under occupation for almost nine months. During this time, the city was looted and destroyed, local residents were held hostage, genocide of everything Ukrainian was committed on a daily basis, and the language, culture and ideas of Russia were imposed. Thanks to the indomitable will of the citizens and the extraordinary efforts of the Armed Forces, Ukraine regained Kherson on November 11.

"This is a truly historic event for the Kherson Directorate of Ukrposhta. Today we have the opportunity to hold a special redemption of "Weapon of Victory" stamps at the Main Post Office in Kherson only thanks to the incredible courage of the Ukrainian army and the powerful weapons used to knock out the enemy. From the first minute of the occupation, Kherson and Kherson region were waiting for our liberators every day. We thank every soldier and forever remember those who won our freedom at the cost of their lives," said Tetiana Morozova, director of the Kherson Directorate of Ukrposhta.

From the first days of the great war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been using a large number of weapons, both domestic and foreign, on the battlefield. The Ukrainian military-industrial complex supplies the army with weapons that help destroy the occupiers and bring Ukraine closer to victory. "Vilkha, Neptune and Stugna-P are some of the most effective types of high-precision Ukrainian weapons manufactured by the state defense industry complex Ukroboronprom.

"We always believed and knew that Kherson would be liberated. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, a lot of challenges, but we do not give up and bring the Victory closer, we believe in the Armed Forces and our people," Galyna Lugova, Head of Kherson City Military Administration

"We are doing everything to ensure that our country is liberated." - Serhiy Skaliboh, soldier of the 57th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The "Weapons of Victory" stamp sheet consists of 6 postage stamps with samples of military weapons. To accompany the stamps, Ukrposhta has traditionally issued a "First Day of Issue" envelope, an unmarked envelope and a card. Themed merchandise will also be available for sale.

"Vilkha" is a multiple launch rocket system designed to destroy armoured, lightly armoured and unarmoured vehicles at long range. At the beginning of February 2022, the Ukrainian military eliminated dozens of armoured vehicles, air defence systems, electronic warfare equipment, and mobile command posts of the occupiers with these missiles.

"Neptune" is a land-based anti-ship missile system with anti-ship cruise missiles designed to destroy warships of the cruiser, destroyer, frigate and corvette classes. On April 13, 2022, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Russian cruiser Moskva with Ukrainian Neptune missiles.

"Stugna-P" is a man-portable anti-tank missile system designed to destroy moving and stationary armored targets. "The Stugna-P is successfully used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy important targets at a great distance - tanks, multiple launch rocket systems (Ukraine).

"The Bayraktar TB2 is a Turkish-made unmanned aerial vehicle with long flight duration. It has become famous not only for its effective strike missions but also for adjusting multiple launch rocket systems (Turkey).

The FGM-148 Javelin is a man-portable anti-tank missile system designed to destroy armoured vehicles, ground fortifications, and some aircraft. It was the Javelin that became a decisive deterrent weapon in the first phase of the war. It allowed the Ukrainian military to act faster than the enemy and hit more accurately (USA).

"The M142 Hybrids is a highly mobile artillery missile system that has guided precision rockets in its arsenal. It is a multiple launch rocket system that can destroy the enemy at a distance of up to 70 km (USA).

The circulation of the stamp sheet is 200,000 copies. The cost of a stamp sheet is 90 UAH, of which 18 UAH is a charitable contribution. The face value of each stamp is U (12 UAH), which corresponds to the tariff for sending a non-priority simple letter weighing up to 50 grams within Ukraine.

The authors of the issue are graphic artists Serhiy and Oleksandr Haruky. The Haruky brothers have considerable experience in designing sketches for Ukrainian postal products. In 2018, the stamp sheet "Insects of Ukraine" by Serhiy and Oleksandr won the highest philatelic award - the WIPA Grand Prix and the status of "Best Stamp of the World 2018".

The "Weapons of Victory" postage issue will be available starting December 06 at Ukrposhta city offices across the country, as well as in the official Ukrposhta online store. In addition, new postage stamps will be sold on the marketplaces Prom, Kasta, Rozetka, eBay and Amazon. The sale of the First Day envelope in the offices will be limited to no more than 2 per order. You can order up to 50 stamp sheets, 50 artistic envelopes and 50 postcards online. On December 1, pre-orders for the Weapons of Victory set will be opened, which can be purchased by following the link.