Ukrposhta continues to resume work in the most affected areas: stationary offices were opened in Gostomel, Moshchun, Puscha-Vodytsia and three more villages in Kyiv region


Ukrposhta is gradually resuming its work in the areas most affected by the occupation. By early June, two branches in Gostomel and a branch in Moshchun and Puscha-Vodytsia, as well as rural branches in Radнnka, Krasyatychi and Kolonshchyna were functioning again. The branches were damaged by an average of 30% and took time to restore, while the 04075 branch in Puscha-Vodytsia only recently started working because the area of the Puscha-Vodytsia park was mined and the streetcar tracks were damaged by shell explosions. These branches worked for the last time on February 24, and there was no possibility to provide services in the future - the occupants used the premises as their headquarters, the workers of the branches together with the population were evacuated because of the threat to their lives. At present, 5% of branches in Kyiv region do not work because of damage after the occupation.

Most of the Kyiv region offices that were under occupation or had minor damage have been fully operational for two months, and some of them resumed their work even a week after the liberation of the region. But we are gradually restoring the most damaged buildings. Two stationary departments in Gostomel started working fully. Here during the occupation the usurpers "maneuvered": they broke out the windows and doors, stole all the valuables and damaged the roof. So restoration took some time. In Moshun the wall of the post office building was destroyed by an explosion, equipment, goods and mail were damaged. At present, the post office has moved to other premises in the same house. In addition, we continue to gradually resume the work of rural offices - three more offices were added to the list, where residents can get pensions, social assistance, pay utility bills, receive or send parcels, buy food. The central office of Borodianka is still operating in the local school, as the building where the office used to work and where the post processing section of Borodianka was located requires reconstruction after a fire and explosions. Together with local authorities and community organizations, we found temporary space for mail sorting, and are looking for solutions to quickly restore the premises and restore customer service at the old address. In addition, there is still a need to restore the destroyed branches in Irpin", - said Igor Smelyansky, Director General of Ukrposhta.

Ukrposhta in Kyiv region provides all the necessary services to residents in mobile and stationary branches. In total, there are 634 branches in Kyiv region: 561 stationary and 73 mobile branches. One week after the liberation of Kyiv region settlements, the company began to resume its work.

A total of 372 mobile branches of Ukrposhta worked during military operations. In addition, the company computerized 79 rural post offices in Cherkasy, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Rivne, Poltava, Lugansk, Kirovograd and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Thus, 125 thousand Ukrainians living in villages with more than 1200 inhabitants got access to financial services.

Please be noted that Ukrposhta has about 6 thousand outlets, their list can be viewed by clicking here.