Ukrposhta and Prozorro.Sales announce a week of charitable auctions for stamps and envelopes "Russian warship, go...!"


In the state electronic trading system Prosorro.Sales there will be 15 charity online auctions during the week, from May 16. The list of auctions is available at the link.

The starting price for a one-stamp envelope without a special first day of issue cancellation and one envelope with a special first day of issue cancellation and Igor Smelyansky's signature will be 5 thousand hryvnias.

Everyone may take part in the charity auctions, except for citizens of Russia and Belarus and persons registered on the territory of these countries.

First of all, it is necessary to register for participation in the auction on the site of one of these platforms - The Tender, SmartTender, LLC "Prydniprovye 2021", "Navita" or "S-Сompany".

The participant should pay one thousand UAH as a security deposit. After the completion of the auction in case of winning 500 UAH are credited as a commission site and the remaining 500 UAH. - as prepayment for the lot.
If the participant loses the guarantee fee is returned in full. If the participant wins and refuses to pay, they will lose their security deposit, while the site will receive UAH 500 as a commission, and the remaining UAH 500 will go to the charity account.

The state enterprise "Prozorro. Sales" does not receive a commission for administering these charity auctions. All the money from the sales will go exclusively to the KSE Foundation accounts for charity.

Information about the charity auctions and participants, as well as confirmation of payment for the lots, will be published on Prozorro.Sales website.

We remind you that on April 22, postage stamps and envelopes with the first day of issue cancellation bearing the signatures of the creator of the legendary phrase and General Director of Ukrposhta were sold at a charity auction for UAH 4 million. The money went to the account of the National Bank for humanitarian aid.