The sale of the stamp "Russian warship, f#ck...!


We understand that the number of customers who want to buy the stamp "Russian warship, f#ck ...!" is more than the circulation of the stamp. The hype for the postage stamp began when the Armed Forces of Ukraine sunk the enemy ship. We are kindly asking you to understand that such a coincidence of events could not have been foreseen.

Please note that the stamp circulation of 1 million is a record one because most picture stamps are usually issued in the amount of about 100,000 copies. According to the rules of philately, picture stamps are not reprinted. This applies to all picture stamps issued in all member countries of the Universal Postal Union. Ukrposhta cannot violate these rules.

In addition, each picture stamp has a value to philatelists who collect stamps. Please understand and respect the international rules and principles of philately. The postage stamp "Russian warship, f#ck ...!" can be purchased in the online store by the link The number of products per one order is limited to 1 sheet (6 stamps) and 2 envelopes. As earlier online orders were canceled due to speculation, customers who had previously ordered online received the link an hour earlier. For their orders, the same limits are applied - one sheet (6 stamps) of domestic or international face value and two envelopes.

You can pay for the order and its delivery directly at the website. At the indicated e-mail address a customer will receive a receipt, which will indicate the tracking number of the shipment. Also, Ukrposhta plans to issue the stamp "Russian Warship – DONE!" with a circulation of 5 million copies. We hope that our clients who were not able to buy the first stamp will manage to purchase the second one, depicting the current position of the famous ship. Ukrposhta is also working on the charitable component of the series of wartime stamps. Details will be communicated shortly.