Ukrposhta paid out 80% of pensions in March


As of 22 March, 2022, Ukrposhta delivered 80% of pensions (or UAH 8.4 billion). Delivery of pensions is carried out in all regions. In most regions the pension outpayment persentage is 93-99%. It has not yet been possible to pay all pensions in the areas where active combat actions are taking place. Thus, 16% of pensions were paid out in Chernihiv oblast, 48% in Zaporizhia oblast, 50% in Kharkiv oblast, 57% in Kherson oblast, and 60% in Sumy oblast. As soon as humanitarian routes are formed to cities that are under fire or are temporarily occupied by Russian invaders, Ukrposhta will immediately deliver the payments. Also, the pension payments level is lower because of the fact that due to hostilities many Ukrainians have changed their place of residence and not all of them have informed about their address change.

"As of March 22, Ukrposhta delivered almost 80% of pensions. And this 80% is the result of hard work of the entire Ukrposhta team and the efforts of our employees to bring pensions and other payments to the addressees. For all the three weeks, my colleagues and I constantly in touch with the members of Ukrainian armed forces, rebuilding routes, looking for prompt and creative solutions to bypass enemy checkpoints, find cash in a besieged city or region and provide people with basic necessities goods. Unfortunately, there are still some areas that we can't reach. But our defenders do their job every day, recapturing our towns and villages from the invaders and we at Ukrposhta are already starting our cars to make our job just after Ukrainian warriors", - the Director General of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyanskyi commented.

The majority of Ukrainians to whom Ukrposhta delivered pensions in February received them at Ukrposhta branches in the city or with address delivery. Ukrposhta also received about 22,000 requests for redirection of payments to another address.

Please note that Ukrposhta delivers payments within Ukraine also to temporarily displaced people. If you have left your place of usual residence, you can receive your payment by redirecting it.

To readdress a payment you shall:

  1. to Contact:
    Ukrposhta, or by calling its Contact Center at 0 800 300 545 and select button 2 - section "Pensions, social benefits and subsidies" (all calls are free), or by filling out the online form;
    or the Pension Fund of Ukraine by phone numbers that you will find by folllowing the link or by transmiting information via your client account.
  2. to Inform about the need to receive a pension or cash benefit at the another address and provide the following information:
    • familyname, name and patronymic name of the recipient of the pension and / or cash benefits;
    • address for receiving pension / cash benefits until March 2022;
    • passport data (passport series and number);
    • telephone number of the recipient of the pension/cash benefit;
    • method of receiving payment (at the branch or at home address);
    • new delivery address: postal code of Ukrposhta branch or address of temporary residence.

If you receive a pension or cash benefit by postal money order, please inform the operator additionally the transfer code received in the SMS.
The funds will be paid out at the new address of residence informed within a few days.

You can also get a pension at any automated branch of Ukrposhta, which will be accessible (you shall inform postal operator about this).
Please note that as of 23 March 2022, there are operate 4 186 branches of Ukrposhta (the list of working branches you will find by following the link)