Ukrposhta will export items in the normal mode during the quarantine (regularly updated)


April 2:

Despite quarantine measures stricter every day and complete cancellation of scheduled passenger flights, Ukrposhta and the Ukrainian specialized customs service continue accepting and processing outbound postal items in accordance with the established regulations.

However, there is a number of countries to which delivery is complicated.

We have to inform you that there are currently difficulties in delivering postal items to countries of Central and South Africa, South America, Australia, Oceania, some countries in Asia (Mongolia, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong). Ukrposhta will be able to deliver postal items to these countries as soon as partner airlines and posts in destination countries are ready to receive mail from Ukraine. Parcels that have already been accepted for these destinations are on their way to these countries.

Postal items to the countries of Europe, the CIS, Middle East, the USA and Canada are still delivered by cargo planes. Delivery times are subject to change.

Delivery rates will remain unchanged, Ukrposhta will not introduce any extra charges for delivery in the period of the quarantine.

Additional information on exports moving (as of 4 pm, March 13):

The restrictions on the movement of foreigners across the border of Ukraine, proposed by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) will cause a decrease in the number of passenger flights from the EU to Ukraine.

In the coming days Ukrposhta has no need to introduce new alternative mail delivery channels. If necessary, they will be introduced starting from Monday, March 16.

Currently, acceptance of export mail is not restricted in the Ukrposhta postal offices, except for the export of anti-epidemiological goods (masks, glasses, gloves, etc.), which are temporarily banned for transportation from Ukraine, until June 1.

According to results of teleconference of Universal Postal Union countries, held on  March 13, most of the postal operators in the world are taking all necessary security measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Additional services of delivery to an addressee in person could be limited and postal items delivery time can be extended.


As of 10:00 am on March 12, Ukrposhta will continue to export goods to all countries, including China, the USA, Italy and the other EU countries.

Ukrposhta, as well as postal operators in other countries, will continue offering its users services of domestic and international mail forwarding. Ukrposhta constantly monitors the latest partners’ news and responds promptly to any changes in the work of its colleagues.


The Latest News from Partners:

  • China Post said that its 3 million staff has returned to work and in mid-March postal delivery will be resumed even in the province of Hubei.
  • Poste Italiane continues to provide all delivery services, but warns that it cannot provide priority home delivery of express mail as well as additional services, such as delivery against recipient's signature.
  • USA. The US President has declared restrictions on the citizens from the EU movement to the USA that may affect the number of passenger flights. However, our international partners have cargo planes that can deliver mail to the US and other regions from transit points in Europe and Asia. Ukrposhta also has the opportunity to use the combined delivery method - automobile and aviation.
  • European countries. The other countries flights from Ukraine, that were previously canceled, historically have never been involved in export of mail from Ukraine.


According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decision EXPORT OF ANTI-EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PURPOSE GOODS IS temporarily (until June 1, 2020) LIMITED, (including the export in postal items).

Until further advised, Ukrposhta DOES NOT accept international postal items with the above-mentioned goods.

The following goods are subject to export prohibitions:

- medical face masks (surgical),

- protective eye wear,

- protective shields,

- protection respirators of FFP2 and higher levels,

- waterproof laboratory suits,

- gloves made of other polymeric materials,

- medical gloves, non-sterile, non- talcum powdered, nitrile,

- non-powdered nitrile gloves,

- medical isolation gown (disposable).


Until further advised, Ukrposhta DOES NOT accept international postal items with the above-mentioned goods.

The Customs Service of Ukraine will return to senders all international postal items with the goods listed above.

Ukrposhta will continue to follow the latest news regarding our partners’ work changes to allow Ukrainian users to plan their international items departure. All updates can be found on our company website and on Ukrposhta E-Export School page on Facebook.

Stay tuned! And take good care!