Sending an item within Ukraine

  1. Choose a postal office to arrange an item to be send within Ukraine. Items up to 30 kg can be arranged in all post offices. If the item is heavier, select a post office from the list at the link. The regional centres provide a possibility to call a courier by filling out a form on the website.
  2. You should find out your and recipient’s index here in advance. The correct index is the key to quick item sorting and delivery. If you do not know the index, you may ask the operator for help by telling him the full postal address.
  3. To protect the item from damage you should determine the required type of packaging by yourself or with the help of an operator of the post office.
  4. You can arrange an item at a post office or by yourself in a mobile application or personal account, which will save time. To arrange an item, the following information must be provided:

    The service that you choose

    Choose fast Ukrposhta Express, economical Ukrposhta Standard or complex Ukrposhta SmartBox delivery with a fixed price

    Item information

    • Weight / dimensions (maximum side, cm) - if you arrange it yourself
    • Content declared value
    • Service payer (sender or receiver)
    • additional services (SMS-informing, etc.), if necessary"

    Sender data

    Full name, index, mobile number.
    If you provide a stationary number, you must also provide a full postal address

    Recipient data

    If you choose a delivery “to the post office”, full name, index, mobile number are required.
    If you choose an address delivery, full name, index, mobile number, full postal address are required.
  5. Pay for the service, if you are indicated as a payer.
  6. Receive a receipt with a track number. You may check if the item is delivered on the website, personal account, mobile application, chat bot in the instant messenger, or contact centre at 0 800 300 545.
  7. If you regularly send items within Ukraine, signing a contract with Ukrposhta will give you more opportunities. For more information concerning cooperation, please visit the “Ukrposhta for Business” page and find the contacts of your manager at the link.