Ukrposhta issued a new "prophetic" stamp "Russian Navy to the Bottom!"


Today, on May 8, Ukrposhta officially puts into circulation the "Russian Navy to the Bottom!" stamp, which was issued with the support of the Ukrainian Navy. The new stamp is the third in the legendary series of wartime postage stamps "Russian warship...!" and symbolizes the clearing of the Black Sea from russian ships.

"We all remember when, the day after the stamp "Russian warship, go...!" was put into circulation, the Ukrainian Armed Forces delivered the enemy cruiser "Moscow" to the prescribed direction. We hope that the stamp "Russian Navy, go to the bottom!" will also become "prophetic" and eventually the entire russian fleet will be at the bottom, where it belongs, and our Black Sea will be cleared of the Russian occupiers. Now the stamp depicts destroyed Russian ships, which were the biggest loss for the enemy fleet. And even this reduced cemetery of Russian scrap barely fits into the stamp's image. - Igor Smelyansky, CEO of Ukrposhta, commented.With this stamp, we also want to emphasize that the fight is still ongoing: at sea, in the sky and on land. We hope that the series of the legendary "ship" will continue with the help of our regular " co-authors" - the Ukrainian Navy, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and The Security Service of Ukraine".

The new "prophetic" stamp from Ukrposhta, "Russian Navy to the bottom!" - features images of the ships that became the most significant loss for the enemy in the two years of the full-scale invasion. All of them were sunk, damaged and disabled by the security and defense forces of Ukraine. The enemy patrol frigate Admiral Makarov, pictured in the gunsight, remains unharmed for now. But it could be the next target, as the ultimate goal of the Ukrainian defense is the complete absence of russian warships in the Azov-Black Sea region.

The stamp has a circulation of 1,000,000 copies. The stamp denomination is F (corresponds to the tariff for mailing domestic registered letters without declared value weighing up to 50 grams and postcards, equivalent to UAH 30). The number of stamps per sheet is 4. The stamp was designed by Viktor Grudakov. The postal issue also uses the created by Dmytro Rastvortsev UAF Sans font, which was specially designed for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Together with the issue of the new stamp, on May 8, Ukrposhta launches the sale of a charity presentation frame "Russian military ... !", which contains all three postage stamps of this series with the "First Day!" imprints: "Russian warship, go ... !", "Russian warship, ... DONE!" and "Russian navy to the bottom!". The print run of the frame is 1000 copies, the cost is UAH 1500, UAH 1000 of which will be directed by Ukrposhta to fundraising for a mechanized demining machine for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.