Cheaper by 60%: Ukrposhta reduces tariffs for sending items to Germany


From April 1, Ukrainian customers will be able to send parcels to Germany with a 60% discount. The new tariffs can be helpful for both Ukrainian people whose relatives or friends live in Germany and entrepreneurs who sell their goods abroad.

The tariffs for the most popular categories of parcels will be USD 13.7 (about UAH 500) for a parcel up to 3 kg and USD 21.6 (about UAH 750) for a parcel up to 7 kg. For light shipments, tariffs for small packages continue to apply, from USD 5.6 (about UAH 205).In addition to international transportation, the tariff includes the cost of address delivery. The tariff is calculated only depending on the actual weight, without considering the volumetric weight. Postal items can be sent from any Ukrposhta post office and delivered to any settlement in Germany.

"Ukrposhta continues to introduce special tariffs for postal items to countries with the highest number of Ukrainian immigrants. Even despite the closed sky, Ukrposhta has found ways to deliver parcels to Europe: in particular, parcels are delivered to Germany by direct trucks several times a week. The benefit to customers is obvious: an affordable rate for unconcealed physical weight. Address delivery of a parcel from Ukraine to Germany takes 7-14 days depending on the delivery month. About a million Ukrainians live in Germany, and many of our exporters send goods to buyers from Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and other German cities. Reducing tariffs for parcel delivery is the next step in strengthening and expanding the partnership between Ukrposhta and Deutsche Post, which has supported Ukraine on the postal front since the beginning of the war," commented Igor Smelyansky, Ukrposhta CEO.

Germany ranks third by the number of postal items sent from Ukraine, after the USA and the United Kingdom. Postal items can be registered at Ukrposhta post offices, in the Online Personal Account or using the Ukrposhta mobile application (customers registering postal items online receive an additional 3% discount). To see the new tariffs, follow the link.

Germany has become the 5th country to which postal items can be sent at special tariffs. In particular, in January, Ukrposhta announced a reduction in tariffs for postal items to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by 45% and by 75% for sending EMS parcels from Ukraine to Poland.

* Payment is made in UAH at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine as of the date of posting the postal item.

** Duty-free limit for postal items of the "gift" category between individuals is EUR 45.