Offline subscription to the philatelic season ticket for 2023 starts


The subscription campaign for offline subscription starts on January 07, 2023. As in previous years, you can issue a philatelic subscription at Ukrposhta philatelic points throughout Ukraine by filling out the philatelic subscription form and paying for the subscription service.

The following types of products are delivered under the philatelic subscription (if they are provided by the thematic issue): art postage stamps in a sheet or a postal block, an envelope with redemption "First Day of Issue Kyiv", an unmarked art envelope and a card included with the stamp (hereinafter - the set). When purchasing a philatelic subscription, the customer has the right to choose the required number of sets of products - from 1 to 3.

The cost of the philatelic subscription for six months is 300 UAH and does not depend on the date of its registration. Delivery of products begins the next month after its registration. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of products at the service point, the owner is obliged to make payment in full according to the previously selected quantity. Otherwise, the subscription is cancelled, and the money for the subscription fee is not refunded.
Please note: it will be possible to issue a subscription offline only for six months (until 01.07.2023). After that, Ukrposhta plans to transfer all owners to online service.

In 2023, collectors will be able to buy stamps in honour of the liberation of the occupied territories of Ukraine, hero cities, volunteers, Ukrainian children whose childhood was stolen by the terrorist country and, of course, the long-awaited issue in honour of our long-awaited Victory.

Reminder: Ukrposhta has renovated philatelic subscriptions. From now on, everyone can replenish postal collections from Ukrposhta by choosing a convenient subscription option in online or offline formats.